Thursday, July 25, 2013

One Utama Fun For Toddler on Weekday

It was time for our Honda car servicing, and once again we went back to the friendly service of the Honda Damansara (Mofaz) branch. We had the 930am appointment, which was perfect. I noticed there are less people than usual, perhaps because of the Ramadan period. They checked the car and we just had to wait a little bit, then the Mofaz car shuttle service to 1 Utama was there waiting for us at 10am.

We were off to 1 Utama for a short fun morning, for me and my toddler. One of the pleasant surprise we had was the water area outside 1 Utama, which is accessible via the exit nearby McDonald's and KFC (at the basement). There are 4 water gun stations and several water fountains to keep them busy for a few minutes. If you have extra clothes then I guess you won't mind your toddler getting wet.

Apart from water fun, another highlight of our 1 Utama visit would be the Candylicious outlet which is so colorful. My daughter is always attracted to go into that shop -- and I don't blame her. If I were back in my childhood, this would be heaven on earth for me. All the beautiful colors, not to mention the unlimited selection of candies, lollipops and chocolates all over the place! I had to resist buying anything for myself... and instead allowed my daughter buy a small bag of jelly beans. Then, mommy had a little treat which is the Garrett popcorn. This time I tried the mix version -- cheese with caramel. I usually just buy the caramel bag but it seems my daughter prefer the cheesy version (I guess it's because she is French? haha).

Overall, passing the 2 hours at One Utama was ultra fast. Next thing we know, it was 12:15 noon, which is the pick up time for the Mofaz shuttle. A nice way to pass the time while waiting for the car servicing.

Water fun area at One Utama (accessible via exit near McDonalds and KFC at basement)
Water fun at One Utama
My daughter spraying away
Water feature near McDonalds and KFC at One Utama
Lollipop Heaven at Candylicious One Utama
Lollipos galore at Candylicious
Different kinds of KitKat!
Chocolates and more!
Jellybeans - so many colors!
Jelly Belly
Garrett Popcorn located inside Candylicious
Garrett Popcorn - my favorite caramel flavor
Garrett Popcorn at One Utama
RM17 for a small bag of Garrett Popcorn

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