Friday, July 12, 2013

Petrosains Discovery Centre for Toddlers

After living in Kuala Lumpur for more 6 years, we have never entered the Petrsosains Discovery Centre at KLCC. I worked at the Twin Towers for about 4 years and have always seen that place -- with curiosity. For childless couples I guess this does not garner much interest. Things completely change when you have a toddler with you.

After our breakfast, we went to Suria KLCC to enjoy our Sunday -- perhaps some shopping and late lunch. As we walked around, the Petrosains caught my attention and I thought to myself, why not try it out this time?

We walked over to the counter and they had friendly staff welcoming everyone. As I went to the counter, I explained that I am not Malaysian but in fact have a i-Pass (pink card which looks like an IC for Resident Pass owners). The friendly Malay staff quickly recognized it and gave us the "MyKad" price and an added bonus, I had my Aeon Card with me -- they had a promotion where you can get 15% off! My mother brought along her Senior Citizen card, and she also got the Senior Citizen discount.

We entered the place a little past 1pm, thinking that we will probably spend an hour or two maximum inside the small-looking entrance. In fact, I was mistaken. The entrance was deceiving! It looked average, but in fact the place is huge!!!

The whole journey starts off with a ride in a gondola-looking contraption which will be interesting for your little one. Then you hope off from there to start a walking journey as you discover Science.

To summarize the experience, GOOD and IMPROVEMENT stuff are:

  • Really huge place, you can kill time with your toddler and probably spend easily 2 hours on the average. We spent 3 hours in there!
  • Price is not too expensive
  • Staff are friendly
  • Have a toddler play area with Lego-looking blocks. Toddler will probably spend 15minutes playing there while parents can have a seat
  • It comes with a 3D show, where my toddler enjoyed watching Dinky the Dinosaur with 3D glasses
  • Lots of walking for your toddler, which will surely knock her out afterwards. My daughter ate well after and she fell asleep in the car (and at home)
  • Fun indoor activity for families looking for something interesting and different
  • Encourage discovery of motor skills of your toddler. Lots of touch-and-feel stuff
  • They had toilets inside and baby changing rooms

  • Some of the areas are not well-maintained, some parts are gone (probably stolen), while others had non-working stuff which are cordoned off
  • The sign going to the exit was not super clear. After the toddler play area, we weren't sure how to get out... kind of got a bit lost on what was next after that place
  • Huge place, you will need a stroller if you are coming with a 2-year old. My daughter is 3 years old so she was able to walk through the whole place
Overall, it proved to be a good decision to check it out. My daughter enjoyed it.

Rates for Petrosains

Toy Tractor to Pick up Dirt
Interior of the Petrosains as You Enter

Ticket - we got a 15% discount thanks to the JUSCO AEON card
Playing area
Toddler Play Area with Rubber Blocks
Releasing the Ball to Learn About Gravity

Fun Day at The Twin Towers KL

Petrosains - Discovery Centre
Petronas Twin Towers - Level 4 (Suria KLCC)

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