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Ramadhan In Style: Tasty Dishes & Variety at JW Marriott

Ramadhan Buffet at JW Marriott
One of the beauty of living in Kuala Lumpur, in my experience, was discovering different cultures and religion.

I was fascinated and have fond memories of my first ever experience of Ramadan. Prior to coming to Malaysia, it was just a word which I heard, a "holiday" of sort for the Muslims (which in the Philippines, they declared one day of holiday -- it made the headlines only when I was already in the working world). So you can imagine, I grew up not even knowing about it. And after living in KL, I was able to experience it and partake in the meaningful Ramadan feast.

I have Muslim friends who were kind enough to explain the concept of Ramadan, as well as the Muslim religion. It was surprising for me to find out in fact there were similarities to my faith, being Catholic.

As the Ramadan season is around the corner, I decided to devote an entry to one of the nice places I have visited in the past. Back when I was working in corporate, we had a few rounds of Ramadan and one of the memorable poolside buffet was at the Marriott. I was invited to check out the preview of their Ramadan buffet, which is one of the best in town. One of the things I like about it is how they recreate the "kampong" feel, with the little huts that act as different food stations, somewhat giving you that village feeling. They also used some traditional pots which completes the overall ambience.

When Ramadan arrives, the JW Marriott will feature 138 different Malay specialities to satisfy its guests. Meanwhile, at the event we were able to sample some of those dishes. For me personally, the highlight was the roasted lamb, which was tender and tasty. The sate was also a highlight for me, and the Rendang dishes were aromatic and tasty. I couldn't get myself to try all of it as it would be too much. Plus, some of the dishes were really so traditional Malay that in my 6 years living in KL, I don't recognize them (both their names nor how they looked like). I stuck to those I recognized. Although I can imagine that for the locals, they will be excited to see their traditional, local Malay dishes which will probably remind them of happy childhood days.

The Ramadhan Buffet will be served 7pm - 10pm daily. It will start on July 10 until the eve of Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. It is priced around RM75++ for adults and children from 6-12 years old will be at half price.

For reservations: +603-21798666 or email

Chef carving out the newly roasted lamb

Sate and Seafood waiting to hit the grill

Veggie appetizers
Poolside Seating Available

Indoor Seating with Aircon
Chef proudly showing us his creations
Live music, traditional drums. Lively entertainment!
The Roasted Lamb station -- my favorite!

Wide selection of food in different wooded stalls

BBQ at the Poolside of JW Marriott - 6th floor

Dessert for everyone -- hot, cold,  traditional Malay, fruits and more!

Ramadhan Buffet by Nenek's Kitchen @ JW Marriott

Tasty drinks aplenty. I enjoyed the Soya Milk!
They also had Lassi and Rose Water

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