Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Thai Express at The Curve Review

Thai Express at The Curve
On weekdays, The Curve is very quiet and empty. After our shopping at Ikea, we looked for a place where we can grab a quick lunch, and found this Thai restaurant. I don't know when they opened this place, because I haven't been to the Curve for a while. One of the reasons that deterred me from going was that crime that happened way back, when a woman was almost kidnapped at the car park. Hence, I tried to avoid coming to the Curve unless I needed to or if hubby was coming with me.

Since I was entertaining my mom, I asked her if she wanted the usual Din Tai Fung (which is not yet available in the Philippines). As we were walking towards it, we walked across the different restaurants and she chanced upon this Thai Express. I wasn't sure if this place is good, but we took a chance. When we entered at 11:30am, the staff were still busy wiping and preparing for their lunch crowd. We took a corner seat and the manager was very welcoming.

The things we liked:
  • They served warm water when we requested. They didn't charge for it like other restaurants
  • Some of their staff looked really friendly (I think they were Thai people)
  • The menu looks impressive and well done. Nice photos.
  • The DIY salad was nice. However it came last... Salads are supposed to be appetizers. I didn't want to complain anymore so we just accepted it despite that it came when we were almost finished with our rice and chicken.
  • The chicken we ordered was tasty especially with the two sauces that came with it
What can be improved:
  • Pay attention to customer request: I ordered the lemongrass with less ice. It still came with a lot of ice. Plus, it would be more earth-friendly (and classy) if they served the lemongrass tea in a glass instead of a plastic cup
  • Salads should come first. Not last.
  • When I asked if the Tom Kha Ghai was spicy, he said absolutely not spicy at all. However, since I am non-Malaysian, I suspected that it will be the same situation as before: the "no spicy" is in fact spicy. The soup was spicy for us, however, it was tolerable. Perhaps they should inform people that it is slightly spicy -- not "no spicy" since they probably get international customers walking in as well 
Overall, I would give it a score of:
7/10 for food.
8/10 for ambience.
8/10 for the service.
8/10 for the pricing.

attractive menu with nice pictures at Thai Express
Tom Kha Gai
DIY Salad - kway teow skin where you will stuff the salad & the chicken-shrimp
Lemongrass tea - would have been nicer if they presented it in a glass
And I asked for less ice, though they didn't follow my request :(

Roasted chicken - not bad with the 2 sauces

Interior of Thai Express
Bill for 2 person lunch at Thai Express
Thai Express
The Curve Shopping Mall, Mutiara Damansara
(located outdoors, along the Starbucks and Marche area)

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