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Tous Les Jours Breakfast Review and A Short Visit to Yeast

Another addition to the Bangsar breakfast scene would be Tous Les Jours bakery. We decided to be adventurous and try it out, instead of our usual favorites in Bangsar. Although we parked our car at Antipodean (out of habit!), we walked towards Tous Les Jours and mentally noted that it will be easy to park right in front of the bakery next time, if we were to return.

The exterior had a vintage feel to it, and a charming little bike with bread. Tous Les Jours means "every day" in French. I seriously thought it was another French bakery. I am surprised when I read online that it is in fact a Korean-inspired bakery. Their Facebook site HERE. I wonder what was going on in their heads when they decided to name it in French yet it is really Korean?

Let me give you a rundown of our experience:

  • They open early. We arrived before 8:30am and the place was abuzz with pastries already. It seems they open as early as 7am, which is a wonderful surprise in Malaysia. I ranted earlier how hard it is to find a decent place to have breakfast if you are an "early bird" type of person! Kudos to them for that! It is definitely a welcome surprise ... especially to me!
  • The place and ambience looked clean and orderly. An important factor for a bakery. Easy access also to the bread, which are within easy reach. 
  • The coffee are reasonably priced and huge quantity than what I am used to. If you compare to Antipodean, definitely the quantity is much, much more. Though being a coffee lover, I prefer the taste of Antipodean's coffee
  • Wide selection of pastries, cakes and sandwiches. Can't wait to try the rest. 
  • The Almond Croissant was good and reasonably priced. Definitely recommended. It passed our "French" test ... I am a fan of Croissants Aux Amandes and have tried several in France. It is very hard to find decent ones in Asia and especially Malaysia... so this was a welcome surprise!
  • Their Madeleines are closer to what the French would define as good ones. So this is definitely a must try when you go to Tous Les Jours. Try dipping it into coffee before taking a bite -- just like how some of the French would!
  • The service. They seem to be a bit lost when the crowd gets thicker. The cashier needs to move faster ... so that the queue won't build up.
  • The waiters look friendly however I think some of them didn't understand English, or at least didn't understand my husband. He asked if we should just sit down and order from our seats if we are dining in. One of the waiters said yes. Then after a few minutes we realized we needed to go order at the counter and pay before sitting. Hmm... 
  • The croissant was too crispy (exterior) to our taste, or this is a Korean version of croissant? Definitely a far cry from the buttery French croissant I am used to. I would give this a miss or perhaps they can improve it?

Exterior of Tous Les Jours Bakery at Bangsar
Can be easily found across Bangsar Village 2

Lots of sandwiches and drinks for those looking for a lunch option 

Worth trying: their Madeleine. Madeleines are of French origin -- and hubby approves of these. He said they tasted quite good! Some of the French would dip it in their coffee before taking a bite. Yummy!
Indoor seats - for those with laptops looking for a charging station, you will pleasantly find that their seats
have plugs at the bottom. Forgot to check out their wifi connectivity though...
Huge bread selection at 8:30am Saturday morning
It can get confusing!

Bill for 2 cups of coffee, croissant (which was so-so), their Almond Croissant (which is worth trying),
and a pack of Madeleine (which has 3 pieces, must try also!)
My take-away bill. Tried some of their other stuff.
Worth ordering: the Walnut Cream cheese which my mom loved
I also ordered the Milk Pan bread which I requested to be cut in thick slices (to make French toast at home)
Some of their cute cakes
Cakes with Fruits
Food Menu for those who might be curious of their pricing
Interior of Tous Les Jours - you will notice the bread are displayed with easy access
while they have a screen to keep the sandwiches and drinks cold

The crowd started getting thicker at around 9am on a Sunday morning.
Their staff seems to be at a loss in addressing a huge crowd -- they are still getting used to the rhythm.
Patience is needed for take-away or dine-in.

Worth ordering: Almond Croissant. Taste is good and pricing is very cheap.
However, the croissant was a letdown for us. Better head to YEAST for some seriously buttery croissant.

My take-away stash: some Madeleines, the Almond Cream Cheese flat bread and some normal Everyday bread (to make French toast at home)
Tous Les Jours coffee served up in a big mug.
We had a hard time finishing the coffee because of the quantity. Value for money.
However for Coffee connoisseurs - you will not find it exceptional.
Instead, it is "acceptable" for breakfast... to go with your bread.

I didn't get to try these, but it looked interesting. For Bagel lovers!

We walked over to our car after Tous Les Jours. Daddy decided to take-away some croissant and Nutella Puff for our daughter... so I took a snapshot of the place. It seems to be getting popular.

Yeast - The French bakery also located at Bangsar (walking distance from Tous Les Jours) on a Saturday morning
A good option if you want more comfortable seats and French ambience
Yeast - also a wide selection of pastries. Their Croissant was much better than Tous Le Jours.
Their Croissants Aux Amandes (or what they call Almond Croissant) is much pricier than Tous Les Jours.
Danger: when you do take-away, be wary that the packaging can get very oily at the bottom due to the
high butter content -- so don't put it on your lap or car seat!
What did we take away??? The croissant and the Nutella Puff (tasty and flaky!)

Tous Les Jours Bakery
Telawi Square (opposite Bangsar Village 2)
Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar, KL
Open 7am to 10pm Daily

Yeast Bistronomy
24G Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar, KL
(right beside Antipodean and along same street as La Bodega)
Tuesday to Sunday - from 8am until late

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