Monday, August 05, 2013

Las Vacas Mont Kiara on Sunday: Reliable Steak Lunch

Lazy Sundays usually means lunch out. Today I was craving for some serious steak -- sans the frills. Just honest to goodness steak that I can enjoy. Since we left home a bit late (about 1230noon), I was super hungry already and couldn't stand to go anywhere else except somewhere nearby -- which is Las Vacas Mont Kiara.

It turned out to be another good choice, a reliable one at that. You never go wrong with a place which only serves steak. Though I went online to find many, many other restaurants specializing in steak (that I have not tried and would like to try in the future), we went to something we were familiar with.

At 12:35noon, there were no other customers except us! I was surprised. We parked at the nearby parking (beside Coffee Bean) and the short walk was super hot! The sun was shining and it made me break a sweat just walking to Las Vacas (a short 1-minute walk). Perhaps because of the heat less people want to eat steak?

After we ordered, a few customers started walking in. Maybe it's the lazy Sunday syndrome. Anyhow, we were glad that we were the only customers there at the time of ordering because that means they are concentrating in cooking our food.

The appetizer we ordered was nice. In fact it was the first time I ordered it, despite frequenting the place in the past. 
Thinly sliced beef which wrapped some stuff inside -- asparagus and cheese. Nice appetizer. My daughter also enjoyed eating it with some mashed potatoes. The sauce was tasty and we used it to add to her potatoes.
Garlic Mashed Potatoes for my daughter
And another extra order for me and hubby to share
Hubby and I ordered separate steaks. I tried their Sunday roast, which is of course only available on Sundays. From what I recall the last round we tried it, it is a good choice. Hubby took the Grain Fed tenderloin which is about 400grams.

We ordered about 3 rounds of drinks. One of my qualms about this place is that their drinks are all too small. I wonder why they don't offer sparkling water in big bottles. Everything was so tiny and you feel really short-changed with the drink you order here. Guess that is where they want to make some big bucks?

Would I come back? Yes, definitely. A short drive and serious steak.

Though, honestly I would like to find other steak places which I can try -- though some of the blog reviews I have seen are not too encouraging. Places like Coliseum, Jake's Charbroiled Steaks, The Ship and Victoria Station are places I have not been to. I know the locals frequent them for steaks -- but the reviews are mixed, so I am a bit worried about a mediocre steak meal.

Ambience : 8/10 evenings you can sit al fresco outside, they have a tent overhead in case it rains. On daytime, the heat might get to you, so stay indoors where the aircon is (though it is not too cold)

Food quality: 910 they know how to grill their steaks 

Food presentation: 8/10 very simple presentation, no frills. Tissue/napkins that they use for customers can be improved

Drinks: 7/10 they should offer bigger-sized drinks, not super tiny ones

Price: 8/10 Not too pricey though not as cheap as Suzy's corner either. I remember that yummy piece of steak we had a Suzy's corner (Ampang), one of the expats brought us there. Too bad it is too far from our place else I would visit again. 

Interior of Las Vacas Mont Kiara -- where you can buy some meat for cooking at home

Seats inside and outside. Can get quite hot on the afternoons. Night time will be more comfortable for outside seating
Small drinks. Look at the Kiwi drink we ordered it is so small. And the sparkling water is only about 300ml!
They should at least offer the 500 ml and the 750ml sparking water.

Tenderloin about 400 grams, served with garlic bread and side salad

Sunday Roast steak with some side salad
Bill for 2 adults and 1 toddler RM 219.80

Las Vacas Mont Kiara
Ground Floor of New Wing Mont Kiara Shoplex, right beside Baskin and Robbins
Tel 03-62052258

Operating Hourse:
Closed on Mondays
Tues to Thurs = 10am to 1030pm
Fri to Sundays = 10 am to 11pm


  1. Great post. Lovely photos. I love garlic mashed potatoes. The food is beautifully presented in your photos.

  2. I stay at astana MK. I remember went there with my husband. Very good steak and I ordered the same appetizer too! Very meat and cheesy taste.

    1. hi Sarahjoe thanks for dropping by my blog. And yes, they have good affordable steaks which are predictable... that is why we go there for our steak fix (when we have one).


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