Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Organic Vegetables and Fruits Delivery Kuala Lumpur

In line with getting healthier, I searched online for an organic supplier who could deliver to our residence at Mont Kiara... especially as I will be delivering my baby soon and won't be mobile for a month.

I searched online and was pleasantly surprised to see that there were several options for the organic food delivery -- ranging from fruits and vegetables, to finished goods like legumes, nuts, seeds, baby products, all the organic stuff you can think of. The beauty of online is you can shop around to compare prices and goods. However, one of the realities of buying organic stuff is that the prices are sometimes approximate, other times they don't note the final price and leave it at 0.00. While others give you price per packet and give approximate weight of the item.

As I did my comparison and search, I landed on one of the sites which appealed to me. What made it even more interesting was when I sent an SMS to the hotline, the guy called me back immediately. I was impressed. He sounded really nice on the phone -- meaning he entertained my questions and was very knowledgable (plus very good spoken English). So I decided to place an order online with them. He assured me I can do COD (cash of delivery), plus I also wanted to test out their service without having to commit to the weekly delivery immediately -- in short he was very flexible. Impressed. Hard to find good customer service in Malaysia!!!

I went online and registered, then placed my order. I included one family box of vegetables plus some of their tofu products. Then I sent sms to the guy to request an early delivery because I was enough stressed about my daughter's first day of school and needed to leave before 12 noon to go pick her up -- again he accommodated.

The delivery happened the next day. And it did come on time.


- the produce was very fresh indeed -- and I could tell because we caught 3 escargots (small snails) and when my maid washed the salad leaf there were some worms which she caught
- the apples looked very nice, though I haven't tried them yet
- this is probably the nearest and closest way you can get to getting farm produce-to-table as compared to going to the market.
- they sent an invoice online with the breakdown
- it was easy to order online and they have the cash on delivery option which is convenient
- will surely order from them again!


Fast Response if you SMS the Hotline

The Website of Go Green Organic

Organic Red Apples - 8 pieces for about RM26.24 for 1.05kg
Organic Vegetable Box - Family Box RM49.90
Sprint Onions, Salad, Bok Choy, Kailan, Carrots & Tomatoes

Go Green Organic Family Box Delivery
Look at the tiny escargot (snails)!!! We found 3 of them!!!

A snapshot of my bill for my 1st order

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