Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe: Worth The Visit!

When we first came to Malaysia, I visited Secret Recipe often. After a while, I found the quality so-so, or perhaps because I was more familiar with Malaysia and its food paradise I quickly forgot about it with the myriad of choices!

Soon, years went by without one visit to Secret Recipe. It is simply... forgetful, in my opinion. However, all that has changed. My view of its latest restaurant creation called Beyond Veggie ... simply divine and worth visiting again and again. And I literally mean "again" because after our meal there last Sunday lunch, we went back again for Monday dinner.

I know that vegetarian restaurants are not too many -- or at least I still need to discover them as I go on this vegetarian journey of mine. Meanwhile, I am sticking to a safe choice which is just around the neighborhood -- Publika to be exact.

We drove by Beyond Veggie couple of times months ago, and I also saw their branch at Tropicana. That sparked my interest but it was not enough to make me go in yet. The mix of my turning vegetarian plus the good reviews that I have seen online -- has prompted me to go visit. Twice.

To summarize in short terms why I would visit again and again:

- wide range of interesting tofu and mushroom dishes... and I will highlight below what I especially liked
- very clean and refreshing ambience -- white with some green, welcoming and brightly-lit
- service is much better than my last experience with Botanical -- at least the waiters are smiling and willing to help
- plenty of room and seats, unlike Botanical where it was cramped. Imagine I have 2 kids and I had 2 strollers (baby pram) and it was so tight at Botanical
- The portions are for sharing
- they have interesting drinks ! I especially like the 3 types of Fruit Tea they offered

Let me share more photos below and reasons why I would go back...

Ambience -- as you can see below the place is well-lighted and very refreshing to the eyes. I like the interior design. The fake grass gives a certain "eco-friendly" feeling as we enjoy vegetarian food... especially as one of the reasons why I turned vegetarian is due to trying to be more earth-friendly (and stopping animal cruelty).

Interior of Beyond Veggie

Interior of Beyond Veggie, nice green and white combination

I thoroughly enjoyed the fruit tea -- which can be nicely shared by 3 people. They are generous with the cups and they also give ice if you request for some. That way you get some "Fruit Shots" while you have your meal. I tried both the Original flavor and the Passion Fruit. Highly recommended.

Fruit Tea

This appetizer is okay. I wouldn't highly recommend... unless you are darn hungry and would like to eat some food quickly. It is okay in taste... nothing special.

Appetizer Pie Tee - top hat 

This is a winner! The red yeast fried rice that is served with some "satay stick" which is actually made of mushrooms -- oh so yummy! Definitely a must order when in Beyond Veggie.

Red Yeast Fried Rice

The next dish is a tofu dish with a different kind of sauce. Tasty and not bad. Will probably try this again next time.
 Mahogany Tofu dish 

My super favorite -- the Sweet and Sour mushroom dish which has a texture like meat. It is my first time to try this Lion's Mane Mushroom which I understand is hard to find / buy in Kuala Lumpur. Worth ordering again, and again... and again.

My favorite : Sweet and Sour Mushrooms ... really tasty and love the texture

We loved the Margherita Pizza. My daughter and my mom liked it... that is enough for me to garner plus points for this winning pizza.

Pizza Margherita worth ordering! My daughter loved it!

The Pistachio cake was okay -- nothing to shout about. 

Pistachio Cake slice

VM07 is the superb dish I liked so much I took a photo of the menu...
Especially loed the VM07 - Sweet and Sour Lion's Mane Mushroom

About RM145 for 3 adults and 1 toddler. It was a great experience... to the point we went back for another meal the next day. Glad Secret Recipe launched a Veggie option!

Bill for 4 adults and 1 toddler

Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe
Ground Floor Solaris Dutamas (Publika)
Tel 03-62053048

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