Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Delivering A Baby in Kuala Lumpur

While baby is asleep, I am sneaking some online time to update my blog. For those out there who might be wondering how much it costs to deliver a baby in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, well, here are some points which may help you...

- Hospitalization + Caesarian Section + Doctor Costs = RM12,000 (3nights, 4 days at a very reputable hospital in the heart of Kuala Lumpur)

- Hospitalization and Nursery costs of my baby when he was delivered (they bill separately for the baby) = about RM1,300

- Cost of diaper per pack for newborns: roughly about RM 30-40 / pack (around 55-60 pieces inside which will last you about 5-6 days depending how much they poo). Sometimes they have sale and discounts on diapers at Jusco / Tesco

Huggies Diapers at Village Grocer Mont Kiara RM28.90 for Newborn & Small Size
The blue packaging is cheaper than the red ones

- Milk: we recently bought BABYNAT which is an organic milk from france RM89 per can which will probably last 2-3 weeks depending if you are mixing with breastfeeding or fully feeding with formula

- Doctor's visit - this highly depends where you go. I visit Dr. Altaf at 2 different clinics. One at Mont Kiara (Global Doctors) which is pricier but no queue or sometimes we go to TTDI where he has his own clinic but be ready to wait for up to 2 hours sometimes! Price will vary from RM30 for consultation to RM80 depending where he is. And here in Malaysia they can dispense the medication at their clinics, so I usually take the medicine from them.

- Maid or Household Help : if you are planning to get some help around the house, be ready to fork some money if you want to hire a Filipino national. Their salary range can be around RM1,000 - RM1,800 depending on many factors: how many kids will they take care of, how big is the house/apartment, etc. Also if you use an agent to get a maid, be ready to fork out about RM12,000 just to get things going : for permits, finding the maid, flying them in, etc.

Definitely not cheap to have a baby. But somehow, people manage around it... good luck and hope this gives you an idea of the cost of having one! 

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