Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Hurom Juicer & Juicing: Lose Weight in a Healthy Way

My little Alex drinking her green juice
The past days have been crazy for me... Crazy because now I have 2 kids. One daughter who is almost 4 years old who is now constantly trying to get my attention due to the new baby addition. While the little baby crying, wanting to be carried all the time and of course breastfeeding.

While all that is happening on the background, I am trying to finalize all the details of my new company called LA JUICERIA (website HERE). Basically, I want to set up this company to help spread the word about juicing! How it can help you change the way you live your life... how you can lose weight, gain more energy, get glowing and clear skin, better metabolism, better bowel movement and more.

A small example I can think of is when some friends came over to visit me during my confinement, they brought their girlfriends. After a chat, I realized many, many women out there are like me -- constipated! Simply because we girls love our sweets -- despite that I try my best to live a healthy life, I cannot resist cute cupcakes, nice looking cakes and pastries...and sometimes chocolates! These things clog up our system, and every now and then we need to 'unclog' and give ourselves some time to reboot. Our computers need to shut down every now and then... our bodies need it, too.

Hurom Slow Juicer HA Series
One of the recent good news I heard from another friend who visited me ... yesterday she posted that she lost 3KG in time for her wedding (which is next week Nov 16, 2013). When she bough the Hurom from me, she was excited and her soon-to-be-hubby also was curious if this could really work. After just a few days, she already lost weight the healthy way (meaning juicing) and I asked her permission if I could share her Facebook update which really made me happy. Over the years that I have known her, we have always talked about losing weight, exercising more... but sometimes it just doesn't happen. Well, now it did. I am not sure if it's the pressure of the wedding (hee hee, we all know how that is!) or the sheer determination ... oh and also the supportive fiance who also juiced together with her. Both of them lost 3KG as of today. The post I have below is one of her updates when she bought the juicer just 9 days and she saw effects already. I am yet to update the other posts that they have made (need to ask permission first :)

I am happy that the changes she experienced are exactly what the juicing articles have stated. You get a better appreciation of vegetables and plant-based food. My husband and I got off coffee (in a million years I never thought that would happen). We own several coffee machines and are regulars in certain cafes! Now we just juice. Occasionally I indulge in hot chocolate, but more often we take tea. I have a better appreciate of vegetables and tofu -- and now even my daughter has learned to eat veggies right at its face -- without having to 'hide' the veggie in some soup or pasta (which I used to do to trick her). She would drink green juice, or other juices we make (which contains raw veggies) and now she also eats her broccoli, mushrooms, tofu, etc without fuss. I also included a pic of my daughter (tee hee!)

Happy results from juicing :)

My little girl drinking her green juice :)

This was a screenshot I took from my iPhone. I was so happy to see my friend's FB update.
She has experienced the joy of juicing!

Cheers! Juice on, Malaysia!

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