Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Confinement the Organic Way

My son celebrated his 3 months recently and I have more time in my hands now that he can sleep longer. I reflected back at why I recovered so easily this time around, faster than my first delivery 4 years ago... and I suspect it's a combination of adding juice into my diet plus the fact that for my confinement, I didn't do the typical Chinese overly-loaded pork and fat kind of diet.

In fact, apart from the green juices (fruits plus veggie juices), I was having one dinner meal delivered to my home, catered by Woods Macrobiotics restaurant. It wasn't cheap. But it was definitely worth the money. In the end I paid about RM 1,000 for 25 deliveries. This included the delivery fee. The receipt below they miscalculated the delivery fees so I had to top up and pay the additional fee at the end of my confinement. Also take note they don't deliver on weekends. So they provided my dinner everyday on weekdays.

It was a pleasant experience and definitely something you can look into if you want a healthy balance during the confinement period. It's a way to gain strength without the heavy meat -- especially at night. I found it to be helpful for me, hence I am sharing it here.

I opted for dinner delivery every weekday. In the end I paid about RM1,000 instead of RM851

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