Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ichiriki Japanese Restaurant at Gardens Mall

One of the newest additions to the Gardens Mall, Irichiki Japanese restaurant. They have a nice authentic Japanese ambience which is simple yet functional. The staff are nice, very smiley face especially when they saw my daughter.

We were able to get one of the small rooms which was great, because I had my daughter (toddler) and my baby (which means stroller). After the meal, I was even able to breastfeed my little one (of course I had my breastfeeding cover with me).

The food was okay. I wouldn't say it's super duper as a tonkatsu place... more of a convenience place while at the Gardens mall. The ramen was definitely no match for the usual Ippudo ramen and other popular ramen places... but again, it was good enough to eat.

I would go back to this place mainly because of the mix fry set. Otherwise, if you are looking for a real treat for tonkatsu, I believe there are other better places.

They also offer sushi if you want. But since it wasn't their specialty, I decided to keep my sushi fix for other places that specialize in that.

Green tea and chawan mushi
Ramen noodles and chawan mushi
Ramen noodles 
Enjoying the ramen 
The pork tonkatsu set
Tasty meal set which came with shrimp and pork which had some cheese inside - Mix fry set
Showing us the ropes on how to enjoy the meal

The friendly staff showing us how to mix the sauce

Bill for 3 adults and 1 toddler

Ichikiri Japanese Restaurant
1st Floor, The Gardens Mall (near the Isetan side)

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