Sunday, February 09, 2014

B.I.G., Ben's Independent Grocer, Shucked and Plan B: Always Consistent and A Safe Choice

If you live in Mont Kiara, chances are you have been to Publika at least once. And if you have been to Publika, I am sure you would have chanced upon one of restaurants by the Big Group. They own Plan B, the BIG Supermarket, and Ben's. These places are often packed with customers, and I understand why.

After our disappointing experience at Morganfield's, I would tend to fall back to my usual choices which are safe and predictable. And of that would be BEN's or Ben's General Food Store (inside the supermarket).

What you will get is a standard service, which means plenty of water, good food and nice coffee and desserts. And if you are vegetarian, then you will enjoy the selection they have, too. Which was a plus for us, after that horrible Friday night at Morganfield's Publika.

In just one week, we have visited 3 of their chains, all under the Publika roof. One of the weekdays we were at Ben's, where we enjoyed their salad which had mushrooms and blue cheese. They had a Filipino staff there who was helpful. Their ginger tea was also very nice. Plus I simply love their Chocolate Truffle Torte -- a must for chocolate lovers. Saturday, we went to their General Food Store at the supermarket, which had even better staff service than BEN's. They were attentive and cheerful. The place was very alive, colorful and homey. You also get access to their oyster-loving place called SHUCKED, which features oysters that are flown from around the world. We gave it a try and we were not disappointed. After a light and enjoyable meal, we had a small indulgence of coffee at the Plan B (also inside the grocery). This is such a convenient place for families who need to do some groceries on a weekend and just needed a meal before heading home.

Once again, after our horrible experience in Morganfield's, I would tend to turn to the BIG group for consistency and good meals. They empower their employees to make decisions (which is much appreciated), and they train them well. No wonder expats would also frequent this place, and their restaurants are packed especially on weekends.

Ben's General Food Store inside the supermarket
Ben's Interior

Hubby paying at Shucked, which is right beside Ben's General Food Store
Oysters galore
More oysters and other seafood
Enjoyable Vegetarian Meal
Price for the oysters

Coffee at Plan B after our meal
Latte, Hot Chocolate and Affogato
Plan B prices
Enjoying her hot chocolate
Coffee Bill

Level G2 Publika
(near Fat Boy Burger and San Francisco Coffee)

Ben's Independent Grocer 
Level UG1, Publika
(inside the supermarket, take the escalator near MPH Bookstore)

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