Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Doi Chaang Coffee at Jaya One

On one of the rare occasions that we dropped by Jaya One, me and another mommy decided to give this small coffee place a try. We were in Jaya One mostly because of the CNY activity that the new mall (called The School) offered... however we were disappointed that there was a small turn-out. However we did have fun with our kids as they did some Chinese calligraphy at the mezzanine of The School.

After our lunch, which was at The Coconut House, we searched in vain for a nice coffee shop. After some googling around, we ended up with the name Doi Chaang, however it proved to be a challenge to find it, especially with our entourage in tow: 2 little girls, my baby stroller for little Nico who is 4 months old plus my helper. We gave up and headed to our respective parking, which happened to be nearby each other... then we saw it! Good thing we didn't pay parking fees yet. So we checked out the place.

Verdict: it's a nice cozy place. Very small. But I was able to push in my baby stroller.

Coffee: it was good. Not ultra-fantastic out-of-this-world kind, but much better than the usual Starbucks/Coffee Bean latte.

Cake was okay, won't be going for that again next time. Nothing exceptional.

At the moment, there is a lack of good coffee around that place, hence you should give this place a try. We didn't try their signature coffee, which the girl offered, because we wanted something light (like latte). Maybe that would have been the out-of-this-world kind of coffee? Do let me know if you have tried it.. maybe will revisit if really worth it.

Menu and their sample of their coffee beans which are different from ordinary ones
My Latte
Latte with Cake (almond cake)
Interior, small but cozy
Small area but cozy place

Doi Chaang Coffee Malaysia (opposite POS Malaysia, accessible from the parking area)
Unit E , Lower Ground 2, Block D, Jaya One
Jalan Universiti, PJ

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