Sunday, February 23, 2014

DV Ristorante Pizzeria: Italian Restaurant at Damansara Heights

Another Sunday afternoon without my helper as she took the day off. I wanted an easygoing Sunday lunch, if possible without having to step into the mall. Kind of getting tired just going back again and again to Publika (our trusty neighborhood mall), so I let hubby decide where to eat.

He brought me to this Italian place which is located in Damansara Heights. If you don't know this place, you wouldn't just accidentally drive by and discover it, at least not for me. It's called DV Ristorante Pizzeria.

I am glad we went there for lunch!

When we got there about 12-1230, we were the only customer. Was kind of worried. Is this a bad place? 30 minutes after, the place was packed. Lucky we got there early (and that the empty place didn't scare me off!)

To summarize quickly what we experienced:

  • Authentic Italian food at decent price
  • Good service from the Filipino staff (great job!)
  • Spacious... even had space outside to push the stroller so that my 5-month old son could fall asleep
  • Easy parking! Love that
  • Pizza was good! And the fact that you can order half-and-half flavor... that was a plus for me!
  • Cheese platter was good
  • They served water
  • Pasta was small but tasty
  • Bumped into some friends -- which means this must be a popular place or simply I discovered it late!
  • Ambience was nice
  • Toilet was clean

Would we go back? Definitely YES
Nice for Sunday lunch with kids? YES

simple and friendly ambience
Initially it was empty
Mushroom pasta with cream sauce - could have used some more cream ... though it was delicious. I prefer more creamy (and sinful, haha)
Cheese Platter - nice! Loved this one.
Happy for the half and half pizza... good for families who want to taste 2 flavors
Place getting busier by the minute
Decent price for 2 adults and 1 toddler
Took a coffee after paying ... had to kill some time before heading off to a kids party

DV Ristorante Pizzera
77 Jalan Setia Bakti, Bukit Damansara
(beside Decanter)

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