Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ministry of Coffee: Our Revisit (in fact, we visited 3 times in the past 3 weeks)

Let me make it clear -- our coffee indulgence is on weekends or sometimes not even! The only reason we went back again and again -- well, three times to be exact -- is because of their babycino. Yes, babycino for my daughter, who seems to fondly remember the place. Actually, there are other plus points to the place, and I am happy there is a joint in the neighborhood.

Reasons why we went back:

  • Child-friendly
  • Spacious
  • Good service
  • Coffee was decent. I wouldn't say out of this world, but decently good
  • Again ... BABYCINO! Daughter loves the little cup they serve it in... it makes her feel like an adult or perhaps makes her feel "included" in such a coffee place
  • Decent food. We tried their salad and creamy pasta. Not bad at all.
  • Easy to find parking inside the parking lot of Solaris, especially on a weekend. You can choose to illegally park outside the driveway too (haha)
  • Decent price

Enjoying her cuppa
Blueberry Pancakes - we had this for breakfast during the 2nd visit
Would have preferred it less cooked so that the yolk would ooze out
My Baked Poached Eggs before I attacked it
MOC Fruity Meal - hubby's choice
Informed the waiter that the pears were extremely (and I mean EXTREMELY) salty. I think they soaked overnight in salt! Nice touch though, grilled fruits
Barista in action
Bill for 3 adults and 1 toddler for breakfast. Take note we bought the RM45 baby plastic cup -- like a little cutie coffee tumbler for my little girl
Happy & contented after finishing her Babycino

Lunch Bill when we revisited
The food was okay. Not ultimately fantastic, yet not too bad.
Also, the dessert was just okay, I wouldn't order the same thing again.
Salad was good, but could have enjoyed more if they added more leafy greens.

Ministry of Coffee
Solaris Dutamas 
(facing the highway, this place is hidden from sight if you are driving)
You can try to find Haagen Dazs and walk across to the back area

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