Sunday, February 09, 2014

Ministry of Coffee: Worth Checking Out

Found another good coffee place. After a long break of not having coffee, hubby and I decided to indulge this week and had our coffee rounds. While my helper was away on her day off, we went to nearby Solaris for our lunch meal at Simple Life. It was very quiet and had only one customer there. We enjoyed our meal and did not regret. Again, we were still traumatized by the horrible experience of Morganfield's which had a lasting effect until now!

We truly enjoyed our vegetarian meal and wanted to follow it up with a taste test of MOC - Ministry of Coffee. It was featured recently and we decided to give it a go.

We were not disappointed. A short summary of our experience:

  • They had such a cute babycino. My daughter loved it and finished the whole thing
  • The ambience is nice. Spacious. Lots of sunlight coming in.
  • They serve cold water
  • Price was okay 
  • My latte was good. Hubby's cappuccino was also good. I would have wanted mine extra hot though, but didn't want to complain
  • They even have a 2nd floor... I am wondering if this place will be that full?
  • They have their own toilet
  • Different seating styles: sofa style, normal wood table and chairs 
  • Spacious is an important factor if you had a baby stroller... so this is kind of baby-friendly in my book
  • Awesome-looking coffee machine

Enjoying her babycino
My latte
Babycino vanished!
Little elephant fountain with fishes at the entrance
Natural light going into the shop
They have another floor
Nice ambience
Bar stools if you are enjoying coffee alone
Coffee machine --- shiny!
Bill for 3 drinks

Ministry of Coffee
Solaris Mont Kiara 
(from Haagen Dazs you need to cross going to the place near the highway)
It is not facing the main street, so you might find it challenging to look for the place if you are just driving by Solaris
The waitress said they open at 8am. Will surely come by for breakfast one of these days

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