Saturday, February 08, 2014

Morganfield's at Publika Mont Kiara: Avoid!

My son turned 5 months old yesterday and we decided to go for a little celebration dinner. To us, the whole "going out to eat some meat" is a big deal now, as we don't have meat anymore in the household. So literally, this was a treat for us.

However, that little treat turned out to be a surprise. Few years back, we had a nice experience at Morganfield's at Pavilion. Hence, our reason for giving it a go that special night. It was a wrong decision.

Let me just summarize quickly our experience:
  • Aircon wasn't working well, hence it was warm inside the restaurant. Normally, not a biggie for me, however I had in tow my daughter and little baby (who was inside the stroller). Had to remove my son's jumper clothes and keep only the onesie so he wouldn't get too warm
  • When I ordered "hot baked potato", I expected extremely hot baked potato with steam coming out from the inside. I was served a semi-warm potato. I returned it to the waitress and said it is not warm. She cheerfully said "Would you like me to microwave it for you?" My answer was of course "No, I don't want it to be warmed up. I expect a hot potato to be extremely hot. Can you just please cancel this."
  • Then the next few disappointments arrived. The rice pilaf and mashed potatoes had the same fate: it was not warm enough. In short, it felt like it was warm earlier and sat at the kitchen counter waiting to be served. It was at best semi-warm. We returned it again and said it is not warm. I didn't want to cancel these as we needed to eat some carbs! The rice came back, it was obvious they microwaved it because I saw the little hole I dug out when I tested it... sigh. I don't have time to complain. The mashed potato -- horrible!!! Not creamy. It was literally a scoop of potato that was mashed up. We left it unfinished. One of the rare moments for us -- we usually do not want to waste food.
  • The pork ribs : another failure. My helper, who is Filipino, was also disappointed! She said we can make better pork ribs than that. It was so dry! And after googling around the next day, I realized the server didn't even bother to give us extra sauce that SHOULD HAVE come with it. Talk about service. What an UTTER DISAPPOINTMENT. Dry. A bit hard on some sides. And not juicy. Even the french fries that came with is was an utter failure... 
  • My lemon drink had a big, huge chunk of lemon stuck in the middle. I don't know if that was their idea of a "design" drink...I think they need to improve on it as that lemon was simply stuck in the middle of the glass. Forgetful drink and not really worth it, for me.
  • The only highlight of the meal: the potato croquette balls that were obviously newly fried and hot. (and maybe we were very hungry)
  • The salad: it was okay. Not enough greens in it. This one, I wouldn't complain. It is at best: AVERAGE
  • Because of the disappointing details (one after the other), I was in no mood to take photos. 


Ambience : 8/10 Nice design inside. Need to improve aircon temperature
Food: 3/10: It felt like we wasted money, wasted our opportunity to celebrate. Sigh.
Price: It felt like we paid for a SH*TTY dinner... so to me the price is unjustifiable
Will we go back ever? NO. You just lost a customer who lives nearby and frequents Publika
If you want pork and you are in Publika... I would go to Ante instead.

Dry Pork Ribs which we didn't finish. Even fresh fries were not good! Limp and too spicy for my daughter
Not warm at all... disappointing rice
Exterior or Morganfield's at Publika
The price we paid for a terrible dinner experience
Seats inside Morganfield's

Morganfield's Publika
G3 Publika Shopping Gallery
Tel 03-62119958

Ante Kitchen and Bar 

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