Sunday, February 23, 2014

Podgy & The Banker Hartamas

Sunday, after our casual lunch at the nearby Japanese restaurant (Isaki), we decided to pop by Podgy and the Banker cafe, which is stone's throw away. In the quiet neighborhood of Sri Hartamas, I was surprised to see this place busy on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Many of the customers had profiles like us: families with kids. Sometimes we just want a place to bring our kids where all of the family members can enjoy:
  • good coffee and hot chocolate - far from the "watery" coffees of some of the popular coffee chains
  • some nice desserts and ice cream - to keep kids (and adults) entertained
  • spacious - with kids, you don't want to go to places that are too tight or crowded
  • friendly staff - you don't want to see grumpy staff serving you on your rest day
  • ambience - doesn't have to be posh... just comfortable, and of course 'cool' especially on a hot & sunny day
  • enough seats and tables - you don't want to end up waiting too long
  • oh -- and of course not too pricey... charge a decent amount for the service and goods that you provide

Would we come back? Yes.

Especially when we are tired of going into a shopping mall for just an afternoon coffee-dessert delight. 

Would we bring our kids again? Yes. Good experience.

Coffee was good. Dessert was okay. The Vanilla Ice Cream we ordered was nice. 

Piccolo Latte, Hot chocolate and a slice of carrot cake
Lazy Sunday Afternoon
Bill for our afternoon coffee time
Piccolo Latte and Carrot Cake - cake was just okay. Piccolo latte was nice... a coffee with not-too-much milk
Busy Sunday 
Podgy and The Banker
2 Jalan Sri Hartamas 8, KL
(located at the corner lot)
Closed on Tuesdays

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