Saturday, March 15, 2014

Breakfast at Publika on weekends

Saturday mornings are meant for family time so we went to Publika to have brekkie with little one. Nice options at the bottom of Publika, where the bakery opens at 8am and we could bring the bread over to the coffee area for some hot drinks. They had a little babycino for little Alex hence we were happy!

Not a bad morning especially if moms like me need to do some grocery shopping afterwards.

We are definitely happy there is such a thing nearby our place.

Bread area at BENs General Food Store Grocery

Seats available for tea and coffee... Still empty early in the morning. Afternoons are usually packed.

Chin-chin means let's make a toast aka "cheers!" ... Father and daughter having a nice breakfast toast with their hot drinks

Sitting area of the plan B roasters at the grocery of Ben's

Finished her babycino (with proof)!

Bill for drinks

Bill for bread

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