Monday, March 10, 2014

Detoxifying the Natural Way

I am very happy with how things are going at La Juiceria. I feel so blessed with all the customers who have purchased from us and with how things are going. And mostly, being able to help people become better and healthier.

Recently, a certain Datin hosted a small gathering of friends to listen to my short talk about how to become healthier with Hurom Slow Juicers. It was great exchanging information and stories with them. Some of the aunties there were very knowledgable about food, nutrition, and other toxins that surround our modern world today. Of course, I was very happy that a majority of them recognized the difference of the Hurom Slow Juicer -- and most of them purchased one after our gathering.

The development on our juice cleanses have also been positive. We have more and more customers everyday. I am happy that more Malaysians are aware of what detoxing is all about and why we need it. I am guessing that my company came at the right time, when detoxifying is becoming a normal thing. Compared to years ago when less people knew about it, it would have taken more explanation. Nowadays, customers don't ask why they need to detoxify. There are more curious of how the process is with our juices and curious about the wonderful effects it can bring.

Recently, another Chinese girl confirmed that she lost weight after doing the 4-days cleanse. People who stick to the program and who are determined to do a cleanse will surely see the positive effects to it. Imagine, years of eating (junk food, processed food and not-so-nutritious food) coupled with the piling effects of toxic stuff (stress, chemicals, hair color, shampoo, etc) all sank into our system. We can release these toxins by doing a cleanse every now and then. How do these toxins get out? Through sweating it out (hence, do light exercises when doing a cleanse), and of course doing the juice cleanse will mean you will go to the toilet more (pee and yes, possibly the #2).

We are happy that we are helping people with their health. And can't wait until we move into our new office! Will share more then. In the meantime, we have been getting positive feedback from customers... if you would like to have a preview, read on.

Some of the feedback of our customers can be found on our Facebook site.

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