Sunday, March 02, 2014

Mont Kiara Rerouting: New Rules as of March 2014

Starting March 1, people who are driving to Mont Kiara area will have a surprise. They are proposing a new rerouting scheme which will hopefully ease the congestion. Usually at peak time, people find themselves tangled in the jam of Mont Kiara area.

Last Saturday morning, we saw the rerouting already in place, and in fact to my surprise, it seems to work. However the true test of its effectiveness will be on the work week -- when many of the commuters will be on the road.

Those people who are heading into Mont Kiara area (e.g. if you want to go to Plaza Mont Kiara), you will need to stick to the left-most lane now to reach the access road to Mont Kiara. Unlike before, the left-most lane used to go all the way to Penchala Link. People who will try to access the usual entrance of Mont Kiara through the Sprint Highway will find a little surprise -- they will overshoot Mont Kiara entrance and drive all the way to Publika area.

There are signage that were put up to warn people about the rerouting. However, we would have appreciated it if they also had some English version, especially as many expats live in the area.

I hope this rerouting effort will clear up the clogging and traffic that happens. Let's see how it goes! I appreciate the effort of the government to resolve the traffic in this area.

Rerouting Traffic at Mont Kiara

To go into Mont Kiara, you should take the bottom of the flyover at the Sprint Highway
Warning signs, stick to the left if you want to go to Mont Kiara

Entering the area through the old access road towards Penchala

This is what you will see if you stick to the left (stick close to the True Fitness)

They opened up the access to Mont Kiara (if you take the left-most lane near True Fitness)

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