Sunday, March 02, 2014

Tasty Bread at Cafe Berlin, One Mont Kiara

I'm a breakfast person. Hence I am always in the hunt for nice morning places. I am glad there's such a bakery nearby -- a German bakery at One Mont Kiara called Cafe Berlin. 

Their bread and cakes are not cheap. However, what you are assured of is quality. They have nice Filipino staff as well. One of the things that impressed me was that they open very early. The staff told me they are open at 7am! I haven't been there at that early morning, but I would have loved it if I knew that fact back then when I was pregnant and was always awake super early!

Love their croissant and mostly their breads (that go with butter and honey). Their Morgen Muffel breakfast set is my usual order (eggs cooked your style plus some mini bread with butter and honey). Their coffee : okay. Nothing fantastic but decent. They use Illy coffee. 

For sure residents around Mont Kiara are happy with such a quality bakery around. I know I am!

Cafe Berlin details
Selection of fine bread and cakes
Very considerate of them: they have charging stations at their seats!!! Great for people who want to work outside their office and homes!
Another added touch: they have color pencils and paper for the little ones :)
Hubby loved their bread. Must try!
Chocolate Croissant
Large size latte
Bill for 3 adults and 1 toddler

Cafe Berlin
One Mont Kiara (near the elevator to access to office building; also nearby the flower shop)
1 Jalan Kiara, KL
T: 03-64116497

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