Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ante at Publika: the place for ribs!

We rarely have meat, so when we do, we want to ensure it's a place that we will enjoy. We went back to Ante to check out their pork ribs and carbonara pasta (that has real bacon).

Quick lunch, fuss-free, great service and spacious. The requirements of every parent who has 2 kids in tow. My helper was able to push my 7-month old son around with the stroller to lull him to sleep -- hence I appreciated the spaciousness of the place. My daughter shared the ice tea with me ... which was very tasty (I had to dilute with some water). She had her carbonara pasta while we had our ribs galore.

Good, reliable place for pork ribs.

On our way out, I bumped into some of my ex-colleagues who were about to dine at the same place. Talk about coincidence!

Price - 9/10
Ambience - 9/10
Service - 10/10

Iced Tea
Enjoying her carbonara. Happy that she is eating by herself!
RIbs RIbs Ribs
Ante -- the place for pork ribs

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