Sunday, August 24, 2014

Chocolate Overdrive at Salon Du Chocolat

Whenever I pass by the little chocolate place at Publika, I would see well-filled tables. I decided to take a peak one evening. My daughter saw the marshmallow stick they displayed at their window and kept bugging me about it. Today we decided to finally give it a try. We finally sat down, ordered the marshmallow stick smothered with chocolate. She definitely enjoyed every bit of it!

Choco-smothered marshmallow -- worth trying! The coffee latte was so-so. 

I took a small taste of the choco from my daughter's order and I understand why people come back. The choco had high quality taste-- far from the synthetic syrup type of taste that is served elsewhere. 

Would we come back? Yes. For the marshmallow stick with chocolate. 

How about for the molten lava chocolate cake with ice cream? Yes definitely will come back for that. A small indulgence from time to time. 

Salon Du Chocolat
Publika , beside Ben's and also near San Francisco Coffee. 
Near the escalator.

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