Monday, November 03, 2014

Ippudo Sunday Lunch at BSC Halloween 2014

Our usual Sunday go-to would be Japanese, and as usual my daughter requested for it once again. Tired of our usual choices, we opted to go to BSC and find out what our options are... since we were going there for the Halloween Trick or Treat celebration.

I was pleasantly pleased about two things: the whole effort of BSC to organize Trick or Treating for kids. And the other one was taking a stab at Ippudo once again, after a bit of hiatus. 

My kids enjoyed the Halloween festivities and bumped into some friends there. We really enjoyed and for sure if they organize next year, I will bring my kids again. 

Now it's time for the meal... Off to Ippudo, which is located beside La Bodega. We were welcomed very promptly by the friendly waiter and we quickly placed our orders. The food didn't take long to come.

My daughter downed her noodles, while my 1-year old son enjoyed eating the egg, which are nicely cooked. We decided to be adventurous and tried several dishes. And in the end, we were happy with the choices of taking many dishes rather than sticking to tons of noodles (which we made a mistake of doing in the not-so-far-away-past).

My noodles which I shared with hubby. I preferred the original version with less pepper. This was a bit too peppery to my taste.
Loved the skewers, though I couldn't eat the beef one. The rest were nice.
Ordered this for my daughter and she loved it. Next time I will stick to this.

Ordered the Pork Bun for my daughter but daddy and I ended up eating it.
A bit to fatty inside... but tasty. We enjoyed our share of meat for this week.
Lovely salad and the salmon was yummy. That was the highlight for my meal.
Appetizer for daddy.

In summary, Ippudo is a safe place to get some Japanese noodle and dishes fix. It's great that they opened up at neighborhood malls like BSC. Easier access and great service, too. Will surely be back. Special thanks to Filipino waiter Aldrin.

Bangsar Shopping Centre, Ground Floor

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