Sunday, November 30, 2014

Milk Cow Organic Yogurt

Been hanging at our favorite mall -- The Gardens and discovered this new yummy (and probably sinful) treat. My daughter loves it, and so does daddy. The unique thing is the honeycomb topping, which hubby really loves. He used to eat that when he was young, when they visited honey bee farms. My little Alexandra loved the normal honey topping, and we also tried the cotton candy topping. She didn't eat the small jelly beans which were at the bottom (which came with the cotton candy flavor). We loved it and so we went back several times since it opened a week ago. Also tried the chocolate flavor -- which had a hint of salt plus some choco balls at the bottom of the creamy yogurt. I wonder how many calories in each of these babies?

Love the packaging -- the way they made it simple yet classy. The staff are also friendly. The taste is certainly different -- a far cry from the usual yogurt places I have tried locally.

Today, on a Sunday afternoon, the queue stretched all the way to Just Life Organic shop! Wow, didn't think that so many people would be lining up for it. Of course, nothing beats the line that was forming upstairs at Mid Valley where Magnum Cafe is located. 

I would certainly go back for this Milk Cow. Guaranteed satisfaction -- if you are a yogurt lover.

Creamy yogurt -- they say it's organic and the price is certainly "organic" price too, hahaha!

Alex loving her cotton candy topping while daddy took the honeycomb topping.

Milk Cow Organic Yogurt
Lower Ground Floor, The Gardens Mall
(beside Cold Storage Supermarket and very near Din Tai Fung & Just Life Organic Shop)

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