Monday, November 03, 2014

Wedding Anniversary Dinner at Cantaloupe Troika Sky Dining

I know it is cliche, but I have to say it anyway. Time flies when you are having fun. Our 8th year together... the anniversary day just creeped up like that. As we recounted how we got to today, we smile back at the journey. And we are hopeful for the journey to come.

Due to the busy schedule, we opted for a simple dinner in town, rather than the usual special getaway. We wanted to equally spend time with the kids and put them to sleep. I had a hectic day, and just had enough time to rush back home to freshen up and change.

I had the most amazing day at the office. And it was capped off with an amazing dinner. 

Hubby made reservations at the French restaurant Cantaloupe at Troika Sky Dining in town. He reserved via email and that was convenient. I have heard and seen pics of the place, and always thought it would be THE place to be for a memorable celebration. I was right.

Parking was a breeze. We zoomed up the elevator to find ourselves in a nice ambience, where we were greeted with "Do you have reservations". It seemed quiet and empty, which is understandable for a Monday night dinner.

Surprisingly, there were other couples as well when we entered the center of Cantaloupe. It seemed like lovebirds (like us) celebrating special occasions. This is the right place for some adult-quiet time.

After we have decided on our menu and orders, we quickly snapped a photo outside, with the breathtaking view of the Twin Towers. Obviously, my iPhone 5s was not good enough to take such poorly-lit area like this... yet no one can stop us from taking some nice remembrance of our celebration dinner.

Photo outdoors, before having dinner. Sorry bad lighting ;)
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Interiors of Cantaloupe
Dinner with a view
Second Course
My main course. Duck Confit. Definitely enjoyed this one and the creamy mashed potatoes!
Dessert. Interesting small, clear balls which pops in your mouth. 

We didn't take the menu for the night, instead we ordered a la carte. No regrets!
It was a nice evening.


For reservation, call 03 2162 0886 or email

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