Friday, December 12, 2014

Races and Marathons in KL

The past few years we have seen a growing following of people who join marathons and races. Since hubby's juice cleanse journey, he has joined more than several races, and recently completed an ultra marathon. I'm so proud of him, of the changes that happened and the total transformation. 

This November 2014, he signed me up for a mini race at the Desa Park City. Despite the hectic schedule -- running a business and being a mommy of two, I squeezed time in despite the lack of training! I managed to finish the 10km race. Truly enjoyed the experience, waking up super early, seeing all the other racers getting pumped up and excited! The thrill of running in the cool morning breeze and being together with so many people! No wonder hubby enjoyed all these months -- bringing home medals, one after the other. 

The post-run was the most surprising. The field of the international school at Desa Park seemed like a big picnic party! Tons of people relaxing on the grass while the loud dance music was blasting away. Of course, food and beverage sponsors had their booths around giving away samples to many well-deserved race finishers.

A sneak peek into my race experience... In photos ;) enjoy!!!

Still dark... About to start the race.

Post-run gathering!

Happy with our medals!

Hubby attempting to capture my race. So sweet of him.

We are so proud of daddy for finishing his first ultra marathon 52km!!!

My little princess attempting a massage for papa after his 52km race! 

The organizer allowed me to put the medal around daddy when he finished his 52km race. 

That small red dot is my hubby running the ultra marathon -- at Putrajaya, under the Malaysian sun! He was so sunburnt afterwards. 

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