Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sitka at Damansara Heights: Nice Dinner Date for Me and Hubby

Sitka. An interesting name.

We visited this place a while back, when we came home from our summer vacation in France last July. We went for breakfast and my little girl didn't have much choices at that time. Though we loved the salad offerings, it lacked choices for brunch. Perhaps I judged too early. It seems now they have a wider offering for brekkie -- so maybe will be back for that!

Meantime... I'm so happy that we revisited Sitka tonight, as we enjoyed a very Scandinavian cuisine-- classy, tasty, small and well presented!

The ambience at night was definitely a plus. Cozy and nicely lit. We arrived early and were the first customers for Friday night. The waiter seemed very knowledgable about what they are serving. Though for me it was a bit tough to understand his English. Maybe it's me???  Anyway, plus points to him for trying & for being attentive.

The bar area where they serve up their drinks

Loved their simple menu -- freshly printed on plain paper. No fuss. It was easy to spot what we wanted, and we ordered quickly in just few minutes. Their menu is also featured online, if you are curious!

simple fresh bread with butter as a starter

Portions were small -- which hubby and I appreciated. Mostly because you get to enjoy different tastes and textures, sans the feeling of being stuffed to death.

Since we started our juicing lifestyle, we have been gravitating towards vegetarian stuff. We do still enjoy occasional meat indulgences that's for sure. But we totally  changed our daily diet and this place is a gem for vegetarians! Lovely place to bring vegetarian friends for an evening meal if you like western-fusion type of cuisine.

They give out some bread variety for starters. It came with some butter that is infused with something -- again like I said, it was hard to catch what the waiter was saying as I couldn't understand his explanations half of the time. Though I could see he was very eager to inform us and give an explanation about the ingredients, etc. The butter concoction wasn't up my alley so I just devoured the bread while waiting for our food.

Next came the starters and the small portion. We had the Linseed with Avocado and Kale chips on top. Loved this one. A marriage of raw food plus some plant-based power! Hubby had his mackerel fish with some seriously taste cucumbers on the side. Starters were surely imaginative and different.

Main meal was also small (in my Asian standards, haha) but it was enough for us! The duck was small yet tasty. However it wasn't piping hot anymore when served. Perhaps that's very Asian of me again to expect food to be piping hot. The cauliflower was different -- so many textures happening at the same time! Also not piping hot. For the mains -- the duck was okay. We enjoyed the mains, but nothing I would crave for.

The unsuspecting highlight for us -- dessert! We decided to just share one. Glad we decided on the white chocolate panna cotta. We didn't know it was one of their best sellers. After tasting it -- wow. Really. It's full of imagination! The marriage of sweetness with the hint of herbs (sorrel) was perfect. This is perhaps the most interesting dessert for me for the whole 2014!

Was happy hubby and I had our Friday date night here. Will surely be back for more.

Meantime the highlights of our meal in photos and short descriptions.

Outdoor ambience that will greet you as your enter Sitka

Nice ambience and cozy setting

White Chocolate Panna Cotta with Sorrel leaves -- heavenly. Definitely the highlight of our meal!

Cauliflower with creme fraiche and lemon. Different textures and an enjoyable vegetarian dish.
Enjoyed our small piece of duck meat - mixed with miso pumpkin, pear and almonds.

Hubby's small starter - Mackerel with green apples and very tasty cucumber. Loved the veggies on the side!

Avocado, kale cracker on linseed. Tasty and different kind of starter. Loved it.

Bill for 2 people - Friday night dinner - light food - no heavy feeling afterwards.

Sitka - Damansara Heights

The surrounding areas around Sitka seems to be getting ready for changes -- new F&B being built and the whole shop complex is undergoing some refurbishment. I am betting this place will look nice and very happening in the few months to come. I will surely be back!

8-5 Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights, KL

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