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The Chateau -- The Ultimate Spa Getaway Near KL

We are living a fast-paced life. Job, kids, responsibilities, housework and social life -- it takes a toll on your personal time with hubby. Impromptu getaway, which was decided on just a day before we left. Some alone time without the cuties... a rare treat.

I would highly recommend this to all couples like us -- busy bees who recently had our wedding anniversary. After 2 kids, you would probably nod in unison that it's harder to find some intimate time. We packed our bags that evening and decided to head of to The Chateau at Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. It was literally 45 minutes drive towards The Chateau on a Friday afternoon. Smooth drive and easy to reach -- plus points for a quick getaway!

We were greeted by beautiful blue skies with fluffy clouds as the gates opened to welcome us. The staff quickly addressed us and took our stuff. Welcome drinks (which tasted seriously like our La Juiceria PAM - Pineapple - Apple -Mint concoction) ... a good start to a good stay.

We had a short tour of the facilities and saw other more premium rooms (haha curious what the suite looked like). Once we toured the spa facilities -- I was hooked. I literally left hubby and had my head start for my treatments!

I can seriously say that after the warm welcome and the detailed spa tour, the investment on the spa facilities are really world-class. One of the highlights for me is the heated & sanitized massage beds. I used to hate those massage beds that are not comfortable, or not maintained well, or ugly-looking towels on it. I am also sensitive to the fact that where we put our faces, tons of people squeeze their heads into it, and wonder about the cleanliness. Here, you can see that things are well-maintained. As I stayed in my own massage bed for 50 minutes of body scrubbing and another 75 minutes of massage in the air-conditioned room, my back appreciated the warm sensation of the heated massage beds (which I think was German-made or something like that). 

To make a short summary of my experience:

  • Definitely the morning yoga session, which I attended with hubby together. Yoga under the morning sky. It was amazing! The experience and the opportunity to practice yoga together was priceless!
  • Spa -- worth coming here as the wellness and spa are their main focus. You won't get mediocre experience here.
  • Organic food and good selection of non-meat stuff
  • Very quiet place - one can really relax. No kids allowed.

  • all the staff were well-versed, helpful and warm
  • everyone addresses you as Monsieur or Madame ... very French!
  • went out of their way to make you feel welcome
  • the food presentation and quality is superb
  • loved their minestrone soup and quinoa-avocado salad, which we asked to be served at the spa area... yummy and healthy!
  • breakfast is served as you order, instead of the usual buffet
  • the French fine dining restaurant served the most delicious foie gras!
  • Superb facilities, top notch
  • Warm, Filipino staff 
  • All organic spa treatments 
  • Pricing is mid to high, tons of options available
  • Spend at least 2-3 hours at the spa!
  • They go out of their way to ensure the pressure is okay
  • Fill up forms where they get to know you better -- they focused on parts that you request e.g. more massage on the foot area, etc
  • Feels like in France!
  • The weather was sunny yet cool -- sans the usual humidity of KL
  • Rained at night, but that's okay as it makes the place even cooler
  • The rooms are superb and well renovated, equipped with wifi and organic toiletries
  • Breath-taking suites (if I could afford it I would go book those rooms!)
  • Loved the view of the greeneries around -- lots of trees and nature all around
  • They planted rosemaries -- which hubby loves, so it really brings back memories of France

  • Short getaways 
  • People who love spa and wellness
  • Into Organic food and Organic stuff will definitely appreciate it
  • Honeymooners
  • Anniversary celebrations
  • Birthday treats
  • Wedding venues (i think this one is yet to be discovered by young couples!)
  • Corporate 1-night getaways e.g. quarterly business reviews, management meetings, etc
  • People who need to detoxify from the stressful & hectic week
  • Be ready to spend about RM1,500 - RM2,500 per couple if you plan to do 1-night, with dinner and breakfast plus some spa time
  • Bring swimwear if you want to try their super jacuzzi at the common area

And now... for the picture summary!

Driveway towards the Chateau

Walkway to their orchid garden

Sunny day -- entrance to the Chateau

Swimming pool - natural salt pool so that they don't have to use tons of chlorine.

Organic stuff at the room
Our humble bedroom with Organic Bedsheets

Toilet with breathtaking views (this is the Suite toilet -- not our room)

The living room at the Suite
The welcome area inside the Junior Suite -- again not our room, haha!

Blue skies and cool weather -- helps transport you to "another world" far from the busy & humid  KL life 

One of the spa rooms - this is the couple's room equipped with jacuzzi
I would personally rate the spa experience better than all the YTL hotels I have visited in Malaysia. This is one hotel very serious about their wellness and spa investments.

Organic Breakfast -- made to order!

Freshly baked bread with organic marmalade, honey and other condiments

Super quinoa salad with avocado -- a must try.

Tea time by the spa area

My unforgettable minestrone which was served a la fine dining style .. they poured the broth into the bowl of veggies

Close-up of my minestrone!

Happy smile before leaving the Chateau 

Reception area -- nicely designed!

Couldn't resist .. brought our juices up to The Chateau!

View of the building

Rosemaries planted along the inside of the hotel

Perfect venue for weddings!

La Sante -- the name of their spa

Fine Dining menu information -- get ready to spend about RM300 per person!

Welcome drink - pineapple - apple and mint!

Beautifully equipped gym amidst the cool weather 

My breakfast view

Outdoor yoga!!!

The Super Gym

Morning view at 7am

The Chateau 
KM 48 Persimpangan Bertingkat LebuhrayaKarak,
28750 Bukit Tinggi Pahang, Malaysia
Tel: +60 (9) 221 3888
Fax: +60 (9) 221 3886

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