Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jaslyn Cakes at Bangsar: Lovely Desserts and Tea

I heard about this dessert place and was quickly curious about it, since I am such a dessert person. I have been trying to hold back on dessert for a while now -- to be healthier. However with the Christmas holidays and with my family visiting from Manila -- I couldn't resist giving in to a bite or two. Desserts are usually the weakness of women -- myself included. So I dived in.

Visit Jaslyn's Cakes at Bangsar. I heard it's newly opened recently, and they are doing very well in terms of foot traffic. It's right in front Antipodean (a cafe which I used to frequent when I was into tons of coffee). Easy to find -- however parking in Bangsar is as you know -- not that easy on certain days.

Upon entering the quaint little cafe, you will smell the aroma of freshly-baked goods. Ahhhh.....

There were tons of cake to choose from. We went with the easy and non-risky choice (plus of course I always have room for chocolate) -- tried out the brownies. Moist in the inside and slight (ever so slight) crisp on the outside. Went perfectly with our tea.

Service was okay -- since most of the folks are busy baking. When we ordered our tea -- they totally forgot about it and went about their baking. Had to call their attention, and immediately they attended to it. The ladies were friendly looking, and you can see that they are inexperienced perhaps with serving people -- though they definitely know their baking well. Give it a few months I am sure they will "sharpen the saw" and get into the rhythm of things. 

Their coffee -- forgettable. Latte wasn't hot enough. I guess it's not really a place for coffee critics. I had a sip of my sister's order and we both didn't enjoy it because it was a tad lukewarm to our liking. Plus points though for their beautiful cups -- both for tea and coffee. Definitely made the experience more worthwhile in terms of their beverage.

Desserts - definitely a keeper. Will visit again. Can't wait to try their other stuff. Smells heavenly. Will make room for exercise then indulge on some desserts. Do check them out! 

Beautiful Tea Cups 

Beautiful spread of desserts await!

Entrance of the quaint cafe

Open view - can see them baking cakes!!!

Bill for 3 pax. Tea is RM10. Coffee RM10. Brownie RM10.90

Jaslyn Cakes at Bangsar

Top View of our Indulgence

About to enter into Dessert Heaven!

Jaslyn Cakes
Jalan Telawi 2 - in front of La Bodega and Antipodean

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