Sunday, January 18, 2015

Shangrila Hotel Lobby Lounge Worth Checking Out

Last December 2014 was memorable as my family came to spend Xmas with us in KL. My sister checked into Shangri-la KL and we decided to hang out at the lobby to chill. We initially wanted to go to No Black Tie for some serious music while chilling.. however they were not open on the day we wanted. 

I'm glad we decided to check out the Lobby Lounge of Shangri-la because the ambience was nice, the jazz singer was good, no smoke smell around (unlike if we went to No Black Tie), and the food selection (and beverage) are also more extensive.

Music started earlier as well, they started playing about 8:30pm. The singer had 3 sets -- which means it lasted close to midnight and we enjoyed chatting amidst the jazz music. At No Black Tie music will start a bit later - about 9:30pm if I remember correctly. Though the acoustics at NBT is definitely far better. Plus of course the quality of the singers will surely be more extensive and top notch at NBT. However, for this kind of family evening, a light jazz amidst the nice ambience of Shangri-la Lobby Lounge is good enough.

Moving to service quality. Service was okay, staff were trying their very best to help and make it a memorable stay.  I can see they were tired after a long day and still they tried their best to manage all the customers. The waitress didn't fully understand our tea order, she gave her own suggestion and served us a China tea which didn't taste strong at all -- and we wanted to change to another one which we like. However, she refused and said we cannot change and will charge us for both tea orders. Didn't want to ruin the night, so we just accepted. The food came very slow also, as we understand their kitchen was very busy.

Picture summary of the evening chill at Lobby Lounge:

Tea Selection - you can open up and smell one by one

Open up and smell the tea leaves!

Beautiful and thoughtful Xmas decor at the lobby

Dessert which hubby ordered

Japanese selection

Check-in Counter at the Lobby
Lobby Lounge
Jazz Singer and her band

Shangri-la Hotel KL - Lobby Lounge
  1. Address: 11, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

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