Monday, March 30, 2015

Nobu KL Dinner Date

Hubby and I wanted a special birthday celebration, just us adults. So we went over to the famous Nobu in the heart of KL to spend our special moment.

The place did not disappoint. From the ambience, to the service and the food, I would say it was top notch. Price was not cheap for sure, however you get what you pay for.

For birthday and special occasions, I would recommend people to check out this place. Do call in advance to book reservation. Also make known that you can park at the bottom of TOWER 3. We entered the Suria KLCC carpark and looked for something near Parkson's parking and found they had direct access to Tower 3.

From there you will take 3 lifts changing from parking to main lobby then main lobby to higher floor. Not to worry, there are people from the restaurant who will usher you to the place so for sure you will not get lost!

Some of the highlights of our experience:

  • Nice ambience from the moment you walk in. Will surely impress your loved one or your guest
  • Waiter / waitress assigned is knowledgable with the menu 
  • They have plenty of tables with the beautiful view of the Petronas twin towers. You will not be lacking of window views for your dinner date
  • Book in advance, it was very easy to call them
  • Food came in a good pace. Nice for dates and chit chatting.
  • They had options for sake which was in small portions -- for non-drinkers like us. We wanted some sake for the sake of the celebration however we couldn't drink that much
  • Well-lighted place but dim enough for some romantic setting
  • Food was top notch. I am curious to try their lunch menu

Dinner date with views of the Petronas Twin Towers

Inside Nobu KL

Yummy sashimi served differently

Appetizers in taco form .. modern style

Must try cod fish

Vegetarian option -- the steamed broccoli was good!

Our small portion sake

seafood dish which had superb sauce -- loved this one! oh... can you see the STEAM coming out of the pot?

Nice dessert with birthday note for my love.

Dinner date for two people ... about RM742 at NOBU KL.

  1. Nobu Kuala Lumpur
  2. Restaurant
  3. Address: Level 56, Menara 3 Petronas, Persiaran KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

La Juiceria Juice Party and Fashion Valet Event

March is a wonderful month. It is even more wonderful because we celebrated hubby's birthday at La Juiceria. We had a morning juice party! It was a nice morning that day at La Juiceria BSC Bangsar. Ordered fresh pastries from YEAST and Jason's Food Hall, and brought some homemade pandesal (milky Filipino bread).

With a bit of balloons and some preparation, we had a nice and simple celebration with our friends (and their kids). At some point it looked like a kiddie party (hahaha)! The kids enjoyed and everyone had tons of juices.

To add to the delight, we had EspressoLab over doing coffee on the spot. And to make it even more special, EspressoLab brewed some ALMOND MYLK LATTE using La Juiceria's Almond Mylk plus their yummy coffee beans. It tasted * awesome * !!!

Guests had a good time. We started at about 11 am and ended about 1pm. Maybe should have done earlier, so that the place is less hot... however I was worried it was hard for people to wake up on a Saturday morning!

We all had a great time.

On the same note.... in March, La Juiceria was at Fashion Valet event once again with EspressoLab. Fashionistas and media people were treated to Cold-Pressed juices and cold-brew coffee. A welcome sight for a hot day!

Kids enjoying their juices and balloons.

Kiddie Juice Party

Simple birthday celebration at La Juiceria
Daddy and his cake

special event with EspressoLab in the house!

Fun morning with friends

La Juiceria rocking the Fashion Valet event

Fashion Valet + La Juiceria + EspressoLab

Feeka Coffee in KL

This is a long overdue post as the pics got buried under the hundreds of pics I have taken during the Christmas holidays.

One of the more unique coffee places in the heart of KL, we found FEEKA to be interesting. Doing a quick review of what we experienced when we visited last December 2014.

Met up with some old friends to have breakfast there with our kids. 

Our experience:

  • Spacious, definitely great for people with kids. It is not packed, not tight, and ample lighting inside
  • There was an art gallery on top of it, which had staircase access going up -- nice touch for people who want something to look at after their coffee
  • Easy parking on weekend morning. Unsure how is the parking situation on weekdays.
  • Nice interiors.
  • Coffee, hot chocolate were average. Pastries and our orders were all okay. No complaints but it wasn't over the top. I guess what was disappointing to me was the hot chocolate wasn't hot enough. 
  • Nice presentation for their coffee and food orders.
  • They had a yogurt parfait option for hubby

Overall, worth a visit if you want something different in town. But for people living far away, perhaps not a huge reason to drive all the way for a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate). Nice place for hangout or meet-up.

Heading towards Feeka

Outdoor seats

Feeka Coffee Beans

Barista at FEEKA

Healthier option for hubby -- yogurt parfait

Hot choco and babycino 

Brioche French Toast

Bill for 2 adults and 1 toddler

  1. Feeka Coffee Roasters (Bukit Bintang, KL)
  2. Restaurant
  3. Address: 19, Jalan Mesui, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur

Breakfast at Jibby & Co Subang

Hubby is a transformed man since the day he started juicing. Not only he runs marathons, but he joins ultra marathons as well. So it's only natural that I try to keep up with what he is interested in. He signed me up for one of the races (just 9km) and after our run that morning (at Shah Alam), we decided to take an adventure for our breakfast. Subang is not our usual spot, so we decided since it's closer than our usual Bangsar breakfast, we went over to the much talked about JIBBY & CO.

The design from outside looks promising, with a hefty investment probably on their renovation. Definitely appreciate the thought they have put into that!

The inside looks equally impressive. We arrived about before 10 am and we had seats immediately at the upper level of the restaurant. Within 30 minutes of our arrival, the place got quickly packed -- meaning it would have been difficult to look for seats if we came late. Good sign for a restaurant. We must be in the right place!

To quickly summarize our experience:

  • Filipino staff are all friendly and cheerful
  • Nice design from outside to inside. Quite like the architecture of the place.
  • Egg dishes are worth mentioning : runny yolks for both my order and hubby's. 
  • Coffee --it was okay. I would not say it is out of this world. It is better than the too-milky-lattes of popular coffee chains... however below par if I compare to EspressoLab or Antipodean type of lattes.
  • If you have disability, not a suitable place. Staircase to upper floor quite high. Inside place is also tight if you have baby strollers. In my own observation... I might not bring my kids here until they are bigger.
  • They have only one toilet at the outlet, small but clean
  • Parking was easy for us as we arrived early morning. We parked inside the shopping mall

Outside pic of Jibby & Co.

Nice interior with staircase leading up to the higher floor. 
Menu for brekkie!
Coffee latte ... okay but not fantastic.
Nice set-up

My order -- eggs with spinach. It was delish!

The inside of hubby's order -- runny yolks ... yum!

Hubby's order with salmon roe.

Bill for 2 people -- breakfast on March 2015
This was when we arrived before 10am
Bottom seating which is nice and lively

GK 11 Empire Shopping Gallery , Jalan SS 16/1, Subang
Phone: 03-5613 7070

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Quality French Food at Rendez-Vous Bangsar

Friday night meant date night with hubby and we are always in the lookout for new places to try. I recently read an article about the French owner who opened this restaurant Rendez-Vous at Bangsar so we decided to check it out.
The restaurant was easy to find, we used Google Maps to bring us there. It was easy to park and we identified the place easily thanks to all the photos and existing reviews of the place.
The ambience is simple and open air. It reminded me very much about the restaurants in Boracay island -- back when I was living in Manila and would often go to islands for holidays. I rarely get to sit in proper restaurants that have NO air conditioning and end up with the natural Kuala Lumpur air. The down side is you also hear all the buses and motor bikes that drive by -- which again brings back memories of life in Manila and the neighboring provinces / islands I have visited back in the Philippines -- very kampung-like setting. Yet here we are about to order French food in an island-type of setting... quite unique I would say.
They had very friendly waiters and some could speak French. They promptly came to explain the menu and specialties.
They have set menus available, as well as a la carte. The prices were reasonable for French cuisine. In a very informal setting like this, I guess they really meant to just get to the point -- which is good food sans all the drama (and snottiness as times) of French restaurants.
The positives of this place:
  • Prompt service and generous with their freshly-baked bread with butter
  • The seafood set which my husband ordered was super duper fresh 
  • Could order wine by the glass;  After our Perrier order, they also served plain water
  • The waited cautioned me against another starter a la carte which I almost ordered. He was thoughtful enough to reiterate that we have enough orders in hand
  • Easy to park 
  • My lamb order was too big for me, it was tasty. My menu was worth the money in terms of what came with it. Portions were more than enough for me and had to share dessert and the cheese platter with hubby
  • You will be well-equipped for the seafood gastronomy
The negatives:
  • No aircon -- evening dinner meant I was also the dinner for mosquitos
  • Noise pollution -- certain moments when a noisy motor bike passes by, I could barely hear my husband talking

This is the set menu I took. Photo of this taken from their website.

This is the set menu I took -- actual photo ;)

simplistic ambience inside Rendez-Vous

My salad mimosa
Hubby's appetizer before his seafood gastronomy
Tools for easy seafood gastronomy 

bread and butter
The Seafood Platter - some ingredients taken directly from France
About to begin...

Seafood platter up close -- no filter. Just all the goodness from the sea.

Close up !!!
a closer view of what's inside the seafood boat 

My dinner -- the lamb kebab was nice however was too big for me.

The cheese platter that came almost same time as our dessert -- I was too stuffed!

Apple dessert with ice cream. It was nice but not mind-blowing. 
If you want real authentic seafood style which French people enjoy in France, I would highly recommend you to try this place. Total bill for 2 pax with own meals, sparkling water and a glass of wine was about RM 350++. Sorry I don't have the photo of the bill as I couldn't find it anymore. I remember hubby mentioned the price to me on our way home from our French indulgence.

Rendez-Vous Bangsar 

100 Lorong Maarof, Bangsar Park KL

Very easy to park. Street parking available.

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