Monday, March 30, 2015

Breakfast at Jibby & Co Subang

Hubby is a transformed man since the day he started juicing. Not only he runs marathons, but he joins ultra marathons as well. So it's only natural that I try to keep up with what he is interested in. He signed me up for one of the races (just 9km) and after our run that morning (at Shah Alam), we decided to take an adventure for our breakfast. Subang is not our usual spot, so we decided since it's closer than our usual Bangsar breakfast, we went over to the much talked about JIBBY & CO.

The design from outside looks promising, with a hefty investment probably on their renovation. Definitely appreciate the thought they have put into that!

The inside looks equally impressive. We arrived about before 10 am and we had seats immediately at the upper level of the restaurant. Within 30 minutes of our arrival, the place got quickly packed -- meaning it would have been difficult to look for seats if we came late. Good sign for a restaurant. We must be in the right place!

To quickly summarize our experience:

  • Filipino staff are all friendly and cheerful
  • Nice design from outside to inside. Quite like the architecture of the place.
  • Egg dishes are worth mentioning : runny yolks for both my order and hubby's. 
  • Coffee --it was okay. I would not say it is out of this world. It is better than the too-milky-lattes of popular coffee chains... however below par if I compare to EspressoLab or Antipodean type of lattes.
  • If you have disability, not a suitable place. Staircase to upper floor quite high. Inside place is also tight if you have baby strollers. In my own observation... I might not bring my kids here until they are bigger.
  • They have only one toilet at the outlet, small but clean
  • Parking was easy for us as we arrived early morning. We parked inside the shopping mall

Outside pic of Jibby & Co.

Nice interior with staircase leading up to the higher floor. 
Menu for brekkie!
Coffee latte ... okay but not fantastic.
Nice set-up

My order -- eggs with spinach. It was delish!

The inside of hubby's order -- runny yolks ... yum!

Hubby's order with salmon roe.

Bill for 2 people -- breakfast on March 2015
This was when we arrived before 10am
Bottom seating which is nice and lively

GK 11 Empire Shopping Gallery , Jalan SS 16/1, Subang
Phone: 03-5613 7070

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