Thursday, March 05, 2015

Quality French Food at Rendez-Vous Bangsar

Friday night meant date night with hubby and we are always in the lookout for new places to try. I recently read an article about the French owner who opened this restaurant Rendez-Vous at Bangsar so we decided to check it out.
The restaurant was easy to find, we used Google Maps to bring us there. It was easy to park and we identified the place easily thanks to all the photos and existing reviews of the place.
The ambience is simple and open air. It reminded me very much about the restaurants in Boracay island -- back when I was living in Manila and would often go to islands for holidays. I rarely get to sit in proper restaurants that have NO air conditioning and end up with the natural Kuala Lumpur air. The down side is you also hear all the buses and motor bikes that drive by -- which again brings back memories of life in Manila and the neighboring provinces / islands I have visited back in the Philippines -- very kampung-like setting. Yet here we are about to order French food in an island-type of setting... quite unique I would say.
They had very friendly waiters and some could speak French. They promptly came to explain the menu and specialties.
They have set menus available, as well as a la carte. The prices were reasonable for French cuisine. In a very informal setting like this, I guess they really meant to just get to the point -- which is good food sans all the drama (and snottiness as times) of French restaurants.
The positives of this place:
  • Prompt service and generous with their freshly-baked bread with butter
  • The seafood set which my husband ordered was super duper fresh 
  • Could order wine by the glass;  After our Perrier order, they also served plain water
  • The waited cautioned me against another starter a la carte which I almost ordered. He was thoughtful enough to reiterate that we have enough orders in hand
  • Easy to park 
  • My lamb order was too big for me, it was tasty. My menu was worth the money in terms of what came with it. Portions were more than enough for me and had to share dessert and the cheese platter with hubby
  • You will be well-equipped for the seafood gastronomy
The negatives:
  • No aircon -- evening dinner meant I was also the dinner for mosquitos
  • Noise pollution -- certain moments when a noisy motor bike passes by, I could barely hear my husband talking

This is the set menu I took. Photo of this taken from their website.

This is the set menu I took -- actual photo ;)

simplistic ambience inside Rendez-Vous

My salad mimosa
Hubby's appetizer before his seafood gastronomy
Tools for easy seafood gastronomy 

bread and butter
The Seafood Platter - some ingredients taken directly from France
About to begin...

Seafood platter up close -- no filter. Just all the goodness from the sea.

Close up !!!
a closer view of what's inside the seafood boat 

My dinner -- the lamb kebab was nice however was too big for me.

The cheese platter that came almost same time as our dessert -- I was too stuffed!

Apple dessert with ice cream. It was nice but not mind-blowing. 
If you want real authentic seafood style which French people enjoy in France, I would highly recommend you to try this place. Total bill for 2 pax with own meals, sparkling water and a glass of wine was about RM 350++. Sorry I don't have the photo of the bill as I couldn't find it anymore. I remember hubby mentioned the price to me on our way home from our French indulgence.

Rendez-Vous Bangsar 

100 Lorong Maarof, Bangsar Park KL

Very easy to park. Street parking available.

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