Wednesday, May 20, 2015

IOI Putrajaya Mall Weekend Discovery

Living in the city means that you are on the lookout for new stuff -- new restaurants, hangouts and perhaps new shopping malls. Lately, I heard a lot about IOI Putrajaya Mall and decided to check it out on a weekend. We went early, before lunch time. The crowd was thin but decent. We specifically went there to check out the Choo Choo Train and the Ice Skating Rink. Unfortunately, my daughter didn't want to try out the skating rink, citing that it may be dangerous since there is no helmet. Didn't want to push her further so we ended up checking out the Choo Choo Train, which was located at the highest floor of the mall. 

You can get tickets inside the Area 21 and they even do COMBO train with carousel ride. I would say that this is suitable for kids 1-7 years old, as they will still find it "entertaining". The Choo Choo Train will drive you around the top floor of the mall, and will last about 3-5 minutes only. The carousel also about 3 minutes. Good fun for young kids who want to play indoors.

As for outdoors, they also have it well prepared with a fountain area. What's cool is that they have F&B (food and beverage) companies located near the fountain, which provides a nice ambience for coffee lovers as well as those looking for a meal with a view.

Different from the typical malls of KL, this one has ample space and good lighting. I was pleasantly surprised with the built up of the mall -- good quality design and materials. Definitely a gem for those living around that area.

Saw interesting new stuff there: Gourmet Popcorn which had a lot of different flavors; Dal.Komm coffee a Korean chain of coffee (who had a good water view). Area 21 which is a place for team-building or those looking for physically-challenging obstacles. Great for bigger kids or young adults looking for something to do.

Other things in the mall worth mentioning are : Magnum Cafe, Milk Cow (and I believe there are at least 10 Ice Cream brands in that mall!!!), they also have a huge Tesco (which has a more improved/clean look compared to other Tesco), they have Franco, Absolute Thai, and tons of restaurants at the Lower Ground floor. Other restaurants like Namoo (i know of them from Publika) and Pancake House (from Philippines) are at the 1st floor. Shopping-wise you have H&M and Uniqlo galore along with other brands. They have a cinema as well as ice skating rink.

On a Sunday, we saw tons of Chinese and Malay traffic, with a sprinkle of expatriates around the area. The crowd is good traffic, not too packed yet not empty. Being a new mall, I would say you will easily find parking and enjoy roaming around freely without feeling cramped. It feels like a Mid-Valley Megamall type of tenant mix in the middle of Putrajaya area.

popcorn overdose with coffee 

Caramel and Chocolate flavor popocorn

The Symphony, the water feature area where you can enjoy the view

Kids can sit near the water area

Water features at work

View from Dal.Komm Coffee outdoor area
Dal.Komm coffee interior
Juices and Dessert selection

Coffee time

Outdoor seats at Dal.Komm Coffee IOI Putrajaya

View of Dal.Komn coffee outdoor seats near the fountain area

Interior of Dal.Komm Coffee IOI Putrajaya

Lunch at Franco - quality of food was inferior to the One Utama FRANCO outlet.  I preferred the service and food quality of the one in One Utama.

Cost of Train Ride and Carousel. You can buy the combo ticket or just Train ride only

Popcorn at IOI Putrajaya

Coffee for 2 person

IOI Putrajaya Centrecourt
It's a 45-minutes drive from KL to IOI Putrajaya on a Sunday. It's a far journey so we spent the whole day there from about 11 am to 5pm.

iOi City Mall Putrajaya

Lebuhraya Lembah Kelang Selatan
Ioi Resort
62502 Putrajaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Google Map,+Lebuhraya+Lembah+Kelang+Selatan,+Ioi+Resort,+62502+Putrajaya,+Selangor,+Malaysia/@2.9697882,101.7140752,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x31cdca0c21c0aa13:0xaa3bc6729a2c0fd1

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