Sunday, May 24, 2015

Kidzoona Empire Subang for Short Playtime

For mothers like me, we are always constantly on the lookout for new places to bring our young kids on the weekends. Weekdays are busy packed with work stuff so weekend was about finding something new for the little ones.

I heard about the Empire Subang place. Kidzoona. I knew it was small. I just wanted to check something new, since we have always frequented same kids places.

Didn't regret. It was cheap and good crowd. Not overly crowded. And bonus is they have a little kiosk Tutti Frutti right beside to give the kids a treat.

Some pics of the Sunday afternoon play time at Kidzoona:

Cheap Entrance Fees

My Bill for 2 kids

Empire Subang 
10 am to 10pm

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