Sunday, May 10, 2015

Noriter Cafe Mont Kiara: Young Children & Parents Will Love It

May 10, 2015 is a different kind of Mother's Day celebration for me. Hubby was out doing his 12-hour ultra marathon run in a far, far place. My helper is having her day off. So it's just mommy and the kids. 

I usually have hubby or helper with me when I go out with them, especially nowadays when my little boy is so active. For moms out there who are probably like me -- unsure, want to bring kids out, don't want to venture too far, want a familiar and friendly place -- I guarantee that this is the place to visit. I guess for expats who just arrive in KL and live around Mont Kiara and unsure of where to venture out with their young kids, you won't regret trying this place out. Despite that I have been living in KL for the past 9 years, I still felt "safe" and satisfied that I chose to go to One Mont Kiara and this restaurant ... as I was out of my comfort zone today! Haha...

I read about Noriter in one of the blogs, plus I am often in One MK Mall anyway, and glimpsed upon the place a few months back.

Today, I was mommy on a mission -- and brought my kids out at 10:30am. Plus points, it was so easy to park, since it's a neighborhood mall and I was utterly early to ensure we don't hit the crowded hour.

We took the elevator straight up to the floor of HARVEY NORMAN. Easy to locate, Noriter Cafe is bright and colorful thanks to the natural sunlight that comes from the glass roof. Another plus point -- you get your needed Vitamin D dosage.

There were parents already there when I arrived -- enjoying their coffee, busy with their phones, while others were inside with their toddlers. I sensed I came to the right place, to conquer my nervousness and uncertainties.  

They have RM10 per child entrance fee for the mini play area, or if you order RM20 in a single bill, they let your kid go in for free.

I ordered my stuff and ended with a little below RM20, and they nicely let my little active boy in. I paid for my girl's entrance fee. And after 2 hours playing in that area -- I ended up spending bit by bit.

ROUND 1 - ordered the Coconut Latte, a cupcake and a juice in a packet for my little girl
ROUND 2 - ordered the rice balls for my kids to try
ROUND 3 - ordered the fresh orange - apple juice combination , which my son quickly finished after a long play time

Let me do a quick run down on the positive points on why YOU -- the UNSURE MAMA who wants to bring her kids out for a short play time, should visit this place:

  • Owner is friendly. Filipino staff also friendly. They looked after my son while I brought my daughter to go pee pee. They also clean up immediately after the mess (which is common I guess... my son did make a small mess of the rice balls).
  • They had baby wipes and alco-gel for sanitation and ready to use for parents and kids -- how thoughtful of them!
  • The toys were of good condition. Space is ample for small kids. Loved the wooden car.
  • Well-lighted, thanks to the glass ceiling of One Mont Kiara.
  • They had fresh juice -- and they use the Hurom Slow Juicer to make it! Two Thumbs Up!
  • The COCONUT LATTE was nice! I liked it! Nice perk-me-up while watching after them.
  • They had bar-type stools, for parents like me who are alone -- want to drink / eat while watching after them. 
  • They have a BABY CHANGING AREA! Wooohoo! My son unexpectedly did his poo-poo in the diaper -- I was close to panic to rush to the toilet -- and the staff informed me of the changing room. Plus points on this!!!
  • Ample space for baby prams  / strollers -- you will not feel obligated to leave it outside and you don't feel like you are bothering other customers
  • Easy to park in One Mont Kiara
  • Toilet is nearby -- if you had to go pee or something, it's accessible and you can even leave your young one for a few minutes with the owner / staff -- i don't usually approve of this however I was left with no choice today and totally appreciate all the help I had!

After our little out-and-about in Noriter, we had a late lunch at Sushi Zanmai (which had poor service today... wonder why). Then little girl had her Yogen Fruz yogurt while we walked back to the car about 3pm. It was a fun day out with the kids. Not as hard as I thought!

Car ride outside Noriter -- how could we resist?

Checking out the rice balls -- just the right taste for the kids (not salty)

Enjoying her cupcake and drink, while my Coconut Coffee awaits!
Bar stool area where you can sort of chill while looking after your kids

Love the yellow wood car which my son obviously enjoyed, too!

Beep Beep!

Noriter Cafe Mont Kiara

Enjoying their playtime

She made me some "bread" ...cute!!!

My initial bills... I think I ended up spending about RM50 in total. Money well spent!

Noriter Cafe
2nd Floor One Mont Kiara Mall (near Harvey Norman)

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