Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sushi Hinata and Black Market at St. Mary Place KLCC

It was a Friday evening and we decided to be different. We were already at the heart of KL doing some groundwork so we decided to stick inside the city, brave the traffic and find a decent place which we have not yet tried.

Our google search ended up with this Sushi Place which is at St Mary Residences in KL. I heard good things about it from fellow expat friends so we decided to give it a go.

Upon arrival to St. Mary Place, with parking slots aplenty at their basement parking, we strolled the walkway and realized there are several establishments. Seems like a new, hip place and I am sure the residents are happy to have such convenience around.

We saw there was an Italian restaurant, which was partially full. The San Francisco Coffee was closed already when we got there. And there were tons of Japanese families having beer and some pica pica food at Black Market (inside and outside).

We headed to Sushi Hinata and at their exterior they displayed their prices. They want to be clear with their limited offering and specialty, so I guess it is wise to display it outside for all to see before they make the mistake of entering and expecting the full Japanese fare.

We had 2 orders of the Kiku Menu which comprised of sushi and some accompanying stuff. We stayed inside one of the rooms which had privacy, since their sushi bar seats were all reserved already.

To make the long story short:
  • The place is beautiful, with authentic Japanese feel, food and fare. Plus Japanese customers. Good sign.
  • The price is expensive for a normal day meal
  • The portion was small -- for RM154 per person, I think we could get quality Japanese food elsewhere
  • Perhaps we are not sushi lovers enough to say it was worth it.
  • I do love sushi -- however maybe this is not the kind of place for expats like me who yearn for sushi and some hot food together... and someone who wants to have choices
  • After paying the bill, we walked to the next door neighbor restaurant called Black Market to have a bit more food because hubby was not full. It felt a bit depressing as this was the first time we ever had to go to another restaurant to get "full". Mind you, we don't eat a lot, but the portion was just really small. Or perhaps we should have ordered the even more expensive menu.
  • Good staff and good service. 

Walkway at St Mary Residence

Black Market exterior seats before getting to Sushi Hinata

Sushi Hinata exterior

Sushi Hinata Menu

Lunch Menu Sushi Hinata

Dinner Menu

Green Tea and Appetizer
Superb Chawan Mushi -- this was the highlight of the meal
Sushi Hinata

Sushi Hinata

Bill for 2 pax in Sushi Hinata 

Bill for ham and 1 liter San Pellegrino Sparkling Water

Green Tea Ice Cream Sushi Hinata

Chawan Mushi and Green Tea

Iberico Ham with Melon at Black Market

Sushi Hinata
  1. Address: Bukit Bintang A-0-1, St Mary Residences, Jalan Tengah, Off Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Black Market 
  1. Address: St. Mary Place, No. 1 Jalan Tengah,, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Open today · 10:00 am – 11:00 pm

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