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Neroteca Weekend Brunch at Damansara Heights: A Family Treat

After several attempts of buffet around Malaysia, my husband and I came to a conclusion that we try to shy away from it because we end up feeling bad afterwards. Perhaps it's the human nature of wanting to try everything and everything. Or simply the thought that you could have everything and that's why you're chowing down more than what your body needs. Due to that fact, we try to stay away from buffets unless it's a special occasion.

With Neroteca's Weekend Brunch Buffet, I felt that the appropriate term I should give it is : QUALITY over QUANTITY. Which is the kind of thing we like. The kind of weekend brunch that we would go back for often.

For people who are looking for an extensive spread of food, this is not the place because their main focus, in my own observation. Those looking for a quality Italian spread, then this is for you. The place is cozy, not too big nor too small. The seats are suited for families, whether you want the long table setting or the small booth (which we liked).

This was my 5th visit to Neroteca. Was there mostly for lunch discussions and once with my family for a weekend lunch. However, this round I was invited by their Marketing to experience the kick-off of their weekend brunch buffet. And I am glad we went!

We were given the long table upon arrival, however we opted the booth seating as it looked more cozy. Plus the fact I could put the baby chair on one side and cozily seat my daughter in between me and hubby. 

The highlights of our 2 hour brunch at NEROTECA last Sunday (before Merdeka):

  • Easy parking on a Sunday lunch time, we arrived at 11:30am. This is an important factor if you have kids with you. You don't want to trouble yourself with parking inside a mall. Easy access to the restaurant!
  • Booth seating is cozy. We like it. I sat there in all my visits to Neroteca.
  • The waiters and staff are friendly. 
  • Buffet spread had quality food instead of quantity. A good selection from pizza, pasta, to meat and vegetables. And of course --- cheese and parma ham! Heaven.
  • Bubblies and white wine was round the clock. However, me and hubby just opted for 2 glasses of white wine to pair with our cheese and ham indulgence for that day. 
  • They had fresh milk for the kids, served with straw and all. My daughter finished a whole glass! Also, we love our sparkling water -- and I am glad this is one of the places that serve 1000mL of sparkling -- good for families!
  • My favorite dessert: panna cotta ! It was creamy and milky. One of my faves. They served at the buffet. Then it ran out quickly. The staff was nice enough to make a new one and I had my overdose of sugar for the day when they delivered a whole piece to our table. Paired with espresso shot and a flat white. Heaven.
  • My daughter loved the pizza and finished a whole slice by herself. Believe me, that's a bonus already for me as she usually doesn't have appetite. They had a good selection that day. 
  • My son enjoyed slurping some pieces of pasta from daddy's plate. Pasta wasn't spicy -- which is a bonus for us. We don't usually eat spicy stuff and it turns off the kids when stuff have too much pepper in it.
  • They have an outdoor al fresco seating, long table and my fave the booth seating.
  • Enjoyed the live music. It gives a wonderful feeling to hear live music while enjoying your weekend meal. 

My wishlist for Neroteca:
  • Mushroom soup that day wasn't hot enough ... perhaps it's the Chinese side of me wanting my soup extra hot. Maybe Italians don't really serve it piping hot like how I like it. Their mushroom soup tasted yummy though!
  • Signage - they need to add small signages on the food area. I had to ask the assistance of some staff because I do not eat beef, and they had some meat displayed. Luckily, one of the staff informed me they had lamb, too, so I took a small piece. Yummy! Especially after hiatus from meat -- as we don't eat as much meat anymore as compared to my past unhealthy life!
  •  Kids activities - this one is more of a wish ... which may come true! The marketing manager informed me that they may organize arts and crafts for little kids soon. This will be heaven for all moms like me! Plus ... kids eat for free (6 years old and below). Which makes a lot of sense (and attracts parents like me). My daughter had a pizza, a glass of milk and a slice of cheese. Wouldn't be so attractive to us to pay adult price for a small eater like her. Hence this possibility of kids eat for free is going to be such a bonus!

Overall, a good dining experience for those looking for authentic Italian, buffet style on a weekend. 

RM188 for brunch with wine. RM88 for those who come to enjoy the buffet only.

Pizza galore!

Dessert area -- waffles, fresh fruits, creme brûlée and more.

Staff in action
Making the pizza before putting into the oven

Long table seats for families

Live music on weekend brunch

Our inulgence -- cheese and honey

Quality meat / ham

Our drinks of choice -- milk for kids,  while for mom and dad : sparkling water, white wine and capped off with coffee afterwards

Panna Cotta came in time before we left

A thing of beauty -- love the vanilla beans and the creamy panna cotta

Neroteca Damansara Heights

  1. Address: 15, Jalan Medan Setia 1, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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