Monday, August 31, 2015

Scissors Empire at Solaris: Retouching Roots and Major Hair Treatment

One of the things that we women have to endure as we grow older is retouching our hair roots. As I am coming close to the big 4-0 very, very soon, one tends to feel much, much older when we see little white hairs sticking out awkwardly at the crown of our heads.

I couldn't anymore wait for the appointment with my usual salon people, Number 76. They seem to be very much in demand and it's hard to get the time and day I want. So, I decided to take an adventure down to a place which is near home. Perhaps with this new discovery, I can have a go-to place which is less of a hassle, especially as this is just a root touch up.

Chanced upon Scissors Empire a while back, when I came in to inquire something (that was the day we had the Mahathir event, and I needed some hair and make up service!). Will blog about Tun Mahathir's birthday another time. Meantime, back to hair business.

The staff were friendly and mostly for me, they spoke English. Often people mistake me for a local Chinese so they start speaking Cantonese. I have gone into some Chinese owned salons and they don't converse well in English. Which can be a big issue, especially when you are trying to explain to them what you want for your hair.

Chloe and Ken attended to my needs and it was fairly quiet for a weekend - Sunday.  They explained it was due to the Bersih, which made a point! And after several minutes, customers did start to come in and saw some expats as well. 

I love the renovation they did. Modern with a homey feel. It is spanking new with just a few months of renovation. And they told me they were in the salon business for 4 years now.

I had my root retouched by Chloe. And I was so, so , so relieved that I chose the INOA root retouch because this time, the hair color DID NOT STING! My last retouch at Number 76, I was suffering through hell of a sting. The stylists and their assistance didn't seem to catch what I was saying, (perhaps my English?), but the staff that attended to me that day at their Publika branch just didn't get it. So in the end they just ended the root retouch much earlier than the alarm they have set, perhaps sensing that I was uncomfortable, though I can see they didn't understand what I meant.

The INOA retouch was such heaven for me. I'll be sure to be back for that kind of root retouch in the future. Have to observe how it washes off and how the color turns after weeks of washing.

Meantime, it was time for some ME TIME treat and I chose their most intensive treatment. It took about 30-45 minutes to do and no regrets. It smelled great and I felt good afterwards!

Overall, it's a nice go-to place salon for those who are living nearby. Friendly atmosphere with nice renovations. They serve green tea when you arrive and they have their own toilet for the customer's comfort.

Comfortable seats

Having my root retouch with INOA

Intensive Treatment 5-step process

Major steps to hair treatment! They apply several things and they massage into the hair strands to penetrate into the hair shafts. A short massage followed after the wash.

Home care treatment, which I will use after a week's time. 

Massaging the hair with the treatment. Batches of strands being taken cared of.

In case you are interested to know the 5-step process!

My view -- while having my hair washed

Hair washing area - modern and sleek

After the retouch, treatment and blow dry. A feel like a million bucks!

Look for them when you need help!

Total "damage" -- the price of beauty!

Their price list 

PSSSST.... this is how you can get a discount if you want one! Like their Facebook!

View from outside. This is beside Wanderlust Cafe at Solaris Dutamas. Easy access for people living in Mont Kiara!

Scissors Empire Hair Salon at Solaris
Address: Block G, 12, Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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