Sunday, September 20, 2015

Huey & Wah Marshmallows

Years ago, I chanced upon Huey and Wah marshmallows, thanks to Big supermarket. After being satisfied with the marshmallows we bought, we decided to do a bulk order, as a giveaway, for my daughter's birthday party. We were happy and satisfied.

One time, we went to Penang, we visited their cute little cafe. It was nice to meet the people behind their brand. And we had a memorable visit.

Fast forward many years, we were pleasantly happy to see that they came to Publika, for a short 3-day exhibition. There was KAFFA, a cafe exhibit in the middle of Publika. We went to Publika especially for that -- to drop by and say hi and buy some marshmallows!

They were making SMORES on the spot, and offered many new flavours.

I opted for my usual weakness -- salted caramel. While my daughter took her usual Chocolate flavour.

For lovers of marshmallows and want a good quality (and artisanal), try their goods!

Making Smores... check out the flame!

Inserting melted marshmallows into the biscuit

Happy girl!

Selection they had

My weakness -- Salted Caramel!

Huey And Wah

368-1-14, Bellisa Row,
Jalan Burma, 10350 Penang
+604 . 228 3962

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