Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Nara Kitchen Again at Damansara Utama

This is my third visit to Nara Kitchen, all three times were for breakfast. This third round was solely for hubby to get to try some of the stuff which I enjoyed in the past visits. 

At first glance, their menu doesn't have much for breakfast -- same comment from my husband in his maiden visit to Nara. I noticed that most of their menu is more for lunch time. Though I totally appreciate the thought that they open at 8am on weekends. I love early morning breakfasts, which is hard to find. Most places open at 9 am or even 10 am -- which leaves me missing Manila, where some breakfast places as early at 7am!

Meantime, my own observation in the three visits, I have seen customers who sat down inside Nara, looked at the menu, and left. This didn't happen only once. I suspect there is a disconnect on the expectation of breakfast. They were probably on a search for the typical eggs, ham and bread combo. And I don't blame them. There are days I would love to have that... and perhaps one day Nara would also consider to do that.

We enjoyed our round of waffles, and breakfast pudding. The granola was okay, nothing to shout about, though I love the presentation. Breakfast pudding was creamy -- and I shared with my 2-year old son. Waffles was a hit, daddy and little girl finished it.

Coffee was once again, just okay. 

My daughter tried the hot chocolate. Looked nice, but she didn't manage to finish it.

Would I come back again? Yes. But it will be to try our their lunch or dinner menu.

Staff are friendly. Nice little place. Worth visiting, and you be the judge.

They are located beside The Good Batch, another cafe, which I am yet to check out.

Standing at the window of Nara Kitchen

Beautiful Breakfast Pudding

Hot Chocolate


Partial view of their Menu

Coffee (and a Shopkin!)


Bill for 2 adults and 2 kids

Nara Kitchen & Co.
61 SS21/1A, 47400 Petaling Jaya (uptown)
Located facing the main road. Beside the Good Batch. Alongside Soft Srve and Wondermilk.
They accept credit card now.

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