Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Number 76 Bangsar Hair Makeover

With my busy schedule and trying to squeeze in quality time with the kids, it's hard to find time for myself. I took a few hours off from work today to treat myself to a makeover, as my hair was in dire need of cutting and some TLC (tender love and care).

I booked with Number 76 Salon, as I trust Yoshi can do his magic. He carefully listens to your concerns, wishes, wants (and dreams, haha!). You can be sure that he is all ears and wants to understand exactly what you want.

After a short explanation, he brought his Japanese magazine and showed me some photos. I pointed out to what I wanted ... and the process began.

Despite being a weekday, their salon was always buzzing with customers. Ironically, the salon that I came across before reaching the upper floor, where Number 76 is, are all empty. They all had nice interiors and I am sure the people are talented too, however people were just not going. Or I caught them on a bad time?

Salon 76 Bangsar 1, located in front of Bangsar Village (entrance is near Tous Les Jours bakery). Access it via the escalator and go 2 times upwards.

The staff are friendly and they serve tea, coffee and water (with a cute biscuit). Much needed if you are like me -- staying for 3 hours (or more). You can get thirsty just by sitting there!

Service was a bit slow, simply because Yoshi was attending to so many people! Everyone wanted him to cut their hair or have a chat with him to get his opinion. I sat there for a good 20 minutes waiting for him... though I didn't mind because from a business perspective, I know he is trying to be good to all the clients.

I went to the salon at 3pm. And I left at 7pm. In that time that I spent inside the salon, I did the following: haircut, digital perm and treatment. The products they use all smelled good. And in the end, I was happy with the result -- which is the most important of all. Getting what you have in mind is the most wonderful feeling a woman can get after a salon session.

Documented my experience through photos below. I would highly recommend this place for people who DO NOT WANT to risk anything. People who want results and taken cared of by an expert Japanese stylist... this is the place to be. The Chinese staff who were assisting Yoshi were all very nice and soft-spoken. They always do some Japanese greeting when people walk into the shop, when you are about to do a hair wash in the washing area, and also when you are going back to your seat. 

Wasn't able to capture a "Before" picture for the day. However, the end result photo is there below.

After the hairwash -- which is the initial stage before you get into anything else. They also served some refreshments while you wait. They had the latest magazines as well, to keep you entertained.

Getting a haircut before anything else

That's Yoshi behind, doing his magic!

Yoshi working hard in putting the perm rollers in place

That's me --- from behind! Check out the kick-ass machine they have for perming. It took less than 10 minutes (I think) to perm the hair. No bad smell also (unlike traditional perm). It really is Japanese technology!

Yikes! The result after removing the perm curlers... don't worry, it's not as curly as it looks!

Smile time with the staff assisting Yoshi

Applying the cream after all the perming, It didn't sting nor smell. I am loving this Japanese tech they have for the hair. Much better experience than my usual digital perm at Korean salon that I used to frequent

All wrapped up after the treatment. I took the MILBON AQUA SMOOTH VEIL treatment, which was recommended for someone who just did a perm. The other popular one, which is Ultrasonic Premium, Yoshi was afraid it will straighten out the hair , so we didn't do that one this round. 

All smiles after everything that I endured. Smiled until I had no more eyes left. Haha!

Et Voila! Selfie on the street right after the salon session

Number 76 Salon Bangsar 1

The entrance from the street view. Go up the escalator

My bill for today!
September promotion worth checking out

The space where they create beautiful hairstyles

Number 76 Salon Bangsar 1 

Tel:            +603 2284 0076 / 0176

10:00 - 19:00 (Closed on Monday)
Shop 9 & 10, No. 39-2, Level 2, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

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