Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Take Eat Easy Bakery and Cafe at Kepong

Now that our office area is in Kepong, we were always in the hunt for some new places. Separately, we have seen a few pictures of Take Eat Easy cafe in Instagram and Facebook, so we decided to try it out.

One weekday late, late lunch (due to work), we head towards Take Eat Easy, and boy were we surprised! Inside the little dark-ish ambience is a ton of people eating away! We queued up for about 20 minutes and the lively waiter came to attend and gave us our seats.

The service was friendly, albeit the delay in food and drinks. Understandable, as they were probably running on full capacity in the kitchen. Surprising though that the bakery part was half empty, perhaps by that time many people already bought the bread. Will come back next time to have a try.

Meanwhile, the lunch food had a small selection. Quality over quantity, I always say. The pizzas were good and worth sharing. My seafood salad was good and different -- would recommend it to people who like crabmeat.

Juices were okay. Not that I am a juice snob or anything (ha ha ha). They used a centrifugal juicer to juice the fruits. They did execute it in a cutie bottle, that looks like a light bulb. And you can bring home these bottles.

The place was packed with 99% Chinese inside. Though in my observation of their menu, it seems to be a place that didn't serve pork.

A nice place to have a drink or small bite if you are around Kepong. Coffee wasn't exceptional. However plus points for them on the wooden spoon that was served with my latte.

Will probably come back to check out the rest of the menu. 

Buzzing with customers on a weekday lunch

Their bakery area. Perhaps we came a bit late (about 2 pm). Their selection were not that many.

Large table for families to enjoy together

Breakfast options available

Menu of their cold juices
Lunch crowd -- fancy lights and a bit dark-ish ambience 

Tapir Soda for those looking for some bubbly

Some of their juices. They use a centrifugal juicer -- with a cute bottle execution. People were taking home the bottles, we clearly saw it and they allow it. I guess it is a nice remembrance of your meal. Just wondering if people will actually reuse it?

4 Cheese Pizza... my favorite. The first dish that came out. Seems like it was easy to do.

Lemongrass drink -- took a while to come to the table. I think perhaps of too many people eating at the same time. Understandable.

Healthy pizza that actually has broccoli! Wow!

Salad for the health conscious

Pizza for our meat-lover friend who came along

Seafood Salad which was nice portions for sharing. Must be for seafood lovers -- with crabmeat and shrimps.
In the middle you have pesto-like sauce.

Latte ... nothing special in terms of taste. Nice touch though with the wooden spoon.

Lunch for 4 pax

Take Eat Easy Bakery and Cafe 

  1. Address: Wisma Fiamma, Bandar Menjalara, Malaysia

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