Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Yellow Brick Road Cafe with the Kids

As a parent, you are always on the lookout for child-friendly cafes and restaurants where the whole family can enjoy. It's not easy to balance kids-friendly with good food and ambience, hence this Yellow Brick Road that opened in Jalan Batai is a good addition to the family fave list.

What I loved about the place was the spacious kids area, on the first floor. Ample parking when you arrive Jalan Batai, however under the hot afternoon sun, get ready to enter an extremely hot car!

People always queue up outside Yellow Brick Road cafe, it seems it has gained popularity since my first visit months ago. I wouldn't be surprised why parents love the place. My kids played freely and happily while adults had some coffee and breakfast.

The owner was there to take our orders, which was great. You can see the passion oozing out of the way he explained their best sellers and what he would recommend.

Food and coffee are nice. Sometimes service could be slow, due to the amount of people eating there and probably the kitchen cannot cope up. A bit of delay in some of our food, though I was okay with it since the kids were happily playing. They forgot to deliver the babyccino order I did, so the owner nicely gave it on the house -- which was very sweet of him.

Overall, a safe bet for families who just want to chill on a weekend morning.

The place was not packed when we arrived (first floor). However the ground level was full. Opt for the 1st floor if you want a more quiet area, though with kids around, it's hard to predict!

Families enjoying their brunch, long table seating style available which is great!

Kids getting ready to discover the play area

A view of the kids area

1st floor of Yellow Brick Road

We had the seat right beside the kids area... we loved that!

Flat white 

Simple eggs breakfast for my daughter

Pancake with fruits and yogurt -- shared this as it is too big for one person!

Hubby's order - sweet potato with eggs - Sweet Mash of Mine

Some kids are really enjoying the tent!

Oops.... they are really enjoying it ... in a different way :)

Bill for 3 pax and 1 kid

Yellow Brick Road Cafe

  1. Address: 50490, 7, Jalan Batai, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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