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Goodness Greens Cafe by La Juiceria at TTDI

More and more people are getting into the healthy lifestyle. With all the stress, toxins and pollution around us, no wonder we get sick easily, feeling sluggish and often tired. One way to combat the bad stuff around us is to detoxify.

Hailing from the success of La Juiceria's Cold-Pressed Juices, the new kid on the block called GOODNESS GREENS CAFE was crafted out by the same group -- delivering more than just healthy drinks this time around. They opened their first healthy cafe concept at Taman Tun (TTDI) last mid-December 2015.

Whenever you want to give your body a treat -- with healthy, real and nutritious options, you can opt for the gourmet salads that the place offers. To make it even more interesting, you can build your own salad -- which means your favorite toppings sans the stuff you hate. Plus the hundreds of combinations possible.

For Asians (like me), there are days we really must have our hot food, you can opt for their famed Buddha Bowl or Goddess Bowl, which comes with a selection of brown rice, tofu, red cabbage, cashew nuts, edamame, steamed broccoli, shredded carrots, shredded romaine lettuce, sesame seeds, roasted pumpkin, bell peppers, lotus root chips, grilled mushrooms, french beans, pumpkin seeds, alfafa sprouts, caramelized cashew brittle served with a warm basil and herb broth or red coconut curry sauce.

Pasta lovers also get to enjoy delicious Italian-style pasta, all vegetarian base, with the option to top it off with anything you want (just like the salad). Meat lovers can add on grilled chicken, smoked duck breast, and other Prime options (found on the salad list).

Not to be forgotten are the Açai Smoothie Bowls and Pittaya Smoothie Bowls -- which are bowls of superfoods which can be a meal in itself! Acai Berry Bowl is an antioxidant - rich smoothie bowl powered by acai berries from Brazil. Made with bananas, virgin coconut oil, La Juiceria's almond mylk, maple syrup and topped off with cacao nibs, home-made granola, strawberries, bee pollen, dessicated coconut and chia seeds.  Just some of the benefits of Acai Berries: enhances athletic performance, heart health, packed with protein, contains aging properties and advances weight loss.

Pittaya, most commonly known as Dragon Fruit is an excellent source of natural antioxidants which aids in blocking free radicals which causes cancer and other health-related issues. The Pittaya Bowl is a hot pink (lovely color!) smoothie bowl made with red dragon fruit, bananas, virgin coconut oil, almond mylk topped off with cacao nibs, granola, bee pollen, desiccated coconut and chia seeds. 

Coffee lovers who have always been lactose-intolerant and could not enjoy a cup of latte can now rejoice. Many customers have been raving about Goodness Greens' VATTE -- Vegan Latte which is made with a double espresso shot with La Juiceria's Almond Mylk. Latte sans the cow's milk -- a healthier option!

For non-coffee drinkers, I highly suggest the Power Teas which are unique to Goodness Greens. Quality loose leaf teas are infused with La Juiceria's PowerShots which are made from natural ingredients, cold-pressed into a potent dose of immunity-boosting shot. Many swear by the benefits of The Defender and Vital Shot, in terms of helping to fight colds, flu, cough and sore throat.

My personal staples are the vegan soups (made from scratch and made with almond milk instead of dairy), as well as the GG Spinach Dip -- a heavenly blend of spinach, selected cheese, which forms into a delicious green dip for the toasted baguette. Soup options include: Rosemary-Carrot, Truffle Mushroom, Pumpkin and Creamy Zucchini. 

Of course, any trip to Goodness Greens will not be complete without trying La Juiceria's Cold-Pressed Juices. With tons of flavors to choose from, you'll be spoiled crazy with the rainbow of nutrients waiting behind their unique fridge on the wall.

Don't take my word for it. Go try it yourself and be the judge. Always remember to treat your body with REAL, NATURAL FOOD every once in a while.

Oh, and did I mention that the place is child-friendly? Equipped with children-friendly toilet bowl and sink, plus a play area and TV to keep the little ones entertained while you get your dose of health.

Weekday Lunch Time at Goodness Greens Cafe TTDI

Interior of Goodness Greens Cafe

Many Malaysians opting to become healthy!

Açai Smoothie Bowl -- a complete meal with superfoods!

LA JUICERIA Cold-Pressed Juices

VATTE - Vegan Latte served with a shot of Chlorophyll Water to keep you hydrated!

Cozy Interiors of Goodness Greens Cafe 

POWER TEA -- made with La Juiceria's PowerShots (natural ingredients like ginger, turmeric, lemon and wildflower honey) mixed into peppermint leaves or rose sencha leaves. Boosts Immunity and Aids Digestion.

Gourmet salads await -- you can build your own! Hundreds of combinations.

Vegan Soups made with Almond Milk
Salad and a bottle of Goodness Greens -- the healthiest combination ever!

Buddha Bowl - a hot rice bowl full of goodness!

Home-Made Maple Granola made at Goodness Greens

Toddler toilet bowl and a changing table !

A place to keep the little ones entertained

Goodness Greens Cafe by La Juiceria
Opening Hours:

Weekdays 9am - 9pm
Weekends 8am - 9pm

Location: Goodness Greens Café - Jalan Dato Sulaiman, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur
Contact: +6018-368 3320 / 03-7732 0235

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